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Horse Playgrounds – Ideas for Creating and using your own horse playground.

HorsePlaygroundsDVDThis great DVD contains step-by-step detailed instructions showing how you can make your very own horse playground.
Build a pedestal, jumps, squeezes, car washes, a bridge, mailbox, highway mat, tunnels, teepee, mazes and more.
All the plans are simple to understand and include a list of materials that can be purchased at any home supply store.
The DVD shows how and why to use the obstacles along with some fun games to try on your own or with a group.
Then there is a Manual for constructing the playground items that you can print off for east reference. The measurements are all in US measures (inches, feet etc.) but it’s easy to convert them to metric.

I found the DVD well filmed and narrated, inspiring and helpful, especially when your creative or lateral thinking has run out!
It shows riders and horses of varying levels using the playground, and gives tips on how to best approach the challenges. It also has some fun footage of horses playing without the humans.
You can learn more about this DVD and view an online video ad about it on the web site below and if you’d like to purchase one, Visit the Natural Horse World Store or if you’re in the US go to to buy yours for US $24.95

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