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Andrew Hennell is helping clubs get going with Horse Agility

In only a few weeks this incredibly exciting horse sport has gone from being virtually unknown to having a strong following in Australia.

Like the better-known dog agility, horse agility involves horses moving about a course of obstacles including bending poles, ramps, bridges, tunnels and even hoops. It was created by Kalev Tyllinen in Finland in 2000, and has been steadily building since then.

Horse Agility tests the horse’s physical and emotional fitness and tests the ability of the trainer to keep the horse traveling safely over the course effectively and with grace. It builds confidence in both horse and handler/rider, it creates a strong, rewarding, relationship with the horse on the ground that can be transferred into riding should they wish.

Horse Agility Australia is steadily building a website with information about the sport, how to build obstacles, and information for clubs.

Donkeys from the Riverina Equestrian Assisted Learning Centre in Corowa practice their obstacles!

Rather than being yet another club to join, horse agility is working with established clubs around Australia to run training days and, later in 2011, to host competitions. Plans include a recommended agility trainer program, workshops and demonstrations at expos and clubs, and a national pointscore leaderboard for competitions.

Some YouTube videos of horse agility in action overseas

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  1. Nan Catmur

    I am hoping to have some Fun Days soon, for Horse Agility, here at Nan’s Riding School, using my ponies for those that don’t have access to a horse or pony. 🙂 or if people want to bring theirs, that will be fine. More news soon.

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