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Horse Agility Update:

Horse Agility Australia will be at Equitana, Sydney, November 2011.
Andrew Hennell reports: Thursday will see HAA with a 90-minute session in a large outdoor ‘entertainment’ arena. Georgia Bruce will also join us to demonstrate how clicker training can work with agility.

Friday and Sunday see HAA with a 45-minute indoor demonstration in a 20×20 arena. We’ll have 2 horses in each session and I’ll be talking the audience through what’s going on. We’ve also booked a 3×3 stand to run for the four days. On this we’ll be running a DVD of horse agility, handing out postcards and flyers promoting agility, and taking names/details for people interested in agility for us to follow up afterwards. For more info go to

Friendship Training Group

One of the nicest and most helpful discussion groups I’m a member of is the Friendship Training group. I guess this method attracts those who really do care about an equal relationship with their horse, along with providing them with the best lifestyle possible in terms of what a horse wants and needs according to their nature.

If you’re unsure about joining the Lifetime membership to the program (which gives you daily email tuition with the program’s founder, Chuck Mintzlaff or Judy Patterson, his Certified Associate), then the FT Yahoo Group is a great place to start where you can learn and find out more about it all.

Below are some comments from Chuck’s FT Associate and a student who frequents the group:

“FT trains the human to work with a horse at complete liberty..the reverse of most NH methods. And I want to make this clear…liberty is not a 50 foot or a 100 foot round pen or an intenational school…I mean acres.
I work on a two acre field but the gates are open and my horses really have access to 4 acres if they really wanted to get way! I have a total of 8 acres.
It is my belief that anyone proficient in horsemanship skills developed in traditional methods is well placed the make the mind shift into FT.
I do not know of a bigger thrill or a better sense of achievement than when your horse sees you and chooses to leave the herd in order to work with you.”

This video shows my Highland Pony Lunar in an FT session (post Amateur Level).
He came to me as a weanling of 8 months and I let him grow up in my “herd” of 5. He knew about a halter and rope only for the farrier and vet..wearing it was a legal/safety requirement. He was Friendship Trained and he virtually asked to be ridden for the first time in a 2 acre field one day when I was poop scooping. No tack, no nothing but he knew the FT cues so off we went.
So here we are with nothing to prove… a moment of fun one afternoon recently. Judy Paterson, Certified Associate – Friendship Training. Email:

YouTube player

“FT isn’t a ‘method’ – its a relationship. It’s a way of life/living with horses. It’s a heartbeat, a breath, an inner core that resonates with the equine spiritual being. It’s a way to communicate our clumsy, human ways of relaying information and desires to an animal that is far superior to us in the manner of perceiving intent and heart.” Gwen – PENZANCE Equine Solutions

More information available from or email Charles H. (Chuck) Mintzlaff.


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