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Learn the Waterhole Rituals™

Carolyn Resnick’s Insider Circle and Extended Circle Online Courses – classes start again soon on August 28th.

How Convenient! You don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own field!
This is a training method at liberty as well as a self- realization course to get in touch with your authentic self!
The Carolyn Resnick Method is based on Carolyn’s years of experience communicating and training horses in their natural habitat without tack or fences. The Waterhole Rituals are the same rituals that horses use to raise their young to fit in with the herd creating deep friendships, teamwork, harmony and unity.

  • Learn to speak “horse”- All at Liberty with No Tack!
  • Learn body language that will cause a horse to respond to you in a positive way!
  • Dance and play with your horse at liberty

Click here to get all the info… and to get an idea of what you can achieve,  watch this video of Robin Gates, one of Carolyn’s approved Instructors playing with her horses.

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Something to think about….

“People don’t use their great-grandfather’s watch, or phone, or car or his way of doing anything else – then they go to the barn and take his bit off the wall and ride just like he did. Why do human’s evolve in all other things, except the tools to communicate with our horses?” Zoe from

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