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A win for racehorses?

Dr Paul McGreevy won the Eureka Award for Science that helps animals (sponsored by Voiceless). His research on the use of the whip proved that it hindered, not helped performance.
The racing industry said they were ‘interested’ in his research – now is the time to up the ante and ask them to ban the use of the whip.

We could also ask them to stop racing and killing young horses: Each spring, in ‘under tack shows’ at racehorse auctions, young horses are whipped into running at extreme speeds to attract potential buyers. Many of these horses are still yearlings. Sprinting at these excessive speeds puts these undeveloped horses at great risk for broken bones and catastrophic breakdowns – be aware that this video features traumatic footage.

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Please sign the petition to help abolish this cruel practice.

Managing Horse to Extinction

Ginger Katherines (filmmaker of the Cloud series) talks about what’s happening to America’s wild horses.

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Carol Walker is also an avid photographer of the wild horses and her blog has lots of good info and beautiful pictures:

Australian Brumbies

Magdalena Zabek is studying Australia’s Brumbies and has some beautiful photos and descriptions of their behaviour on her website comparing the drought of 2009 with the abundance of 2010/11.

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  1. Heather Ringland

    The training of a yearling starts as early as nine months old here in New Zealand. ABUSE must stop!

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