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Horsonality – an insight into Equine Behaviour

E Book by Andy Beck.

HorsonalityIf you wanted just one book on horse behaviour this is the one!

And it covers more than behaviour as such – it goes into how our choices regarding the way horses are kept, fed and ridden, affects their behaviour.
Andy raises many questions and while showing how he feels horses prefer to interact with humans and each other, he leaves it up to the reader to decide which way is best for them.

All the information is provided for you to make good choices about what you do for what periods of time, which can be valuable in our interactions with our equines to keep them physically, mentally and emotionally healthy.

Andy reveals his discoveries of herd behaviour over a 15 year period of studying two herds, a foundation group, and their progeny, in a relatively natural environment in New Zealand so this book will be of particular interest to the breeder.

I found it invaluable for understanding how horses live, behave with each other and how their social structure works. Knowing things like how a horse has its own personal space and who it allows into that space for what periods of time can be valuable in our interactions with them.

This wonderful E-Book has many photos and diagrams to illustrate everything from environment, safe fencing, treeless saddles, bitless bridles, body language and herd interactions. It has a comprehensive bibliography at the end of each chapter and is filled with interesting insights so we can truly get to know the horse as a unique species.
The contents list below gives you an idea of the wealth of information contained in the 200 plus pages of this E-book that comes so highly recommended by me.

Chapter headings:

  1. Evolution
  2. Domestication and Tameness
  3. Foundations of psychology and behaviour
  4. The Equine family
  5. The bachelor group – making of a stallion
  6. Behaviour and enclosure management
  7. Body Language – Kinesics and Proxemics
  8. Training and the psychology of learning
  9. The tack we fit; gadgets and gimmicks or the paraphernalia of servitude?
  10. Welfare, Ethics and Rights, Work and the 5 Freedoms.

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