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An idea for padding pony hooves

SandaluncutWith founder in ponies being a real problem at this time of year, especially now we’ve had so much rain and spring growth, there will be many sore ponies out there needing some help to be comfortable so they can keep moving.
I recently had to help pad a little Shetland pony who could hardly put one foot in front of the other without a huge effort. We couldn’t find any boots small enough for her either.

SandalPadon SandalPadCut

Her owner wasn’t experienced with taping on pads and had no materials so I came up with a quick and easy solution that could be re-used.
SandalpadstapedA pair of rubber sandals can be cut down (mine were ladies size 9) so the back strap fits around the back of the heels and the front strap Velcro fastens around the top of the hoof.
The thick hard rubber of these $10 sandals lasted longer than the straps, and to keep it all in place properly, I duct taped it to the hoof (avoiding contact with the hair).
PaddedPonywalkThe pony was much more mobile with her new ‘pony pads’ and once her diet was changed to soaked hay and Speedibeet with minerals, and grass intake restricted by putting a track around her small pasture, she was on the road to recovery.

3 thoughts on “An idea for padding pony hooves”

  1. thx for the information. You never know when May need them. Bless you ???? for helping those equines….

  2. Kudos!! Necessity is the Mother of Invention and this one great example of ingenuity! Of course, cutting down on too many ‘groceries’ for ponies is the best preventative, but when they do have the problem, this is surely a wonderful comfort to a PONY’s sore feet! 🙂

  3. Moyna Smeaton

    Brilliant! Love a bit of lateral thinking. 🙂

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