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Insight To Equus by Tomas Teskey

A Holistic Veterinary perspective on health and healing.

The equine world would be a better place if this 250-page color-filled hardbound book was on every horse owner’s bookshelf.

Insight to Equus is just that – looking in detail at what a horse really is: part of a herd, constantly grazing on low-value grasses, herbs, and shrubs, and ready for flight.

Tomas Teskey offers simple suggestions to improve domestic horse’s lives and make ours easier at the same time.
He says; “It’s time to re-engineer your horse habitat and institute some level of mandatory mileage.”

There are extensive chapters on hoof care. Horses self-trim better than we ever can. “Any degree of self-trimming relates a vast amount of information about movement”.

The chapters on holistic hoof care are extensive, as is the section on equine dentistry – and did you know the two are intriguingly connected?

In both these sections, Teskey offers enough information and detail to be helpful for equine professionals while keeping it understandable for equine owners.

I personally love how well written this book is – in a conversational tone. Even though Tomas is a veterinarian he keeps scientific terms to a  minimum as he tells his story of evolving as a horse caregiver.

His ethos and values align perfectly with the needs of all equines who are essentially social moving grazers.

As he says in the introduction “This is an invitation to try something different” and “I write and teach from a unique perspective”.

To appreciate what Tomas Teskey has to offer, do yourself a favor and buy ‘Insight To Equus’ to gain a different perspective that will truly benefit you and your horses.
At $79 USD it’s an absolute bargain for the wealth of information it holds, and how much money it will save you in the long run.



3 thoughts on “Insight To Equus by Tomas Teskey”

  1. Björn Ekfeldt

    I need to buy the book, where is it available? Björn Ekfeldt

    1. Cynthia

      It looks like the printed copy may only be available from secondhand bookstores now so perhaps search for those in your country or area.

    2. Ron Van Zon

      I had a box of 12 copys send over to Holland, since I knew that a lot of people in my surrounding would be interested (which proved to be correct), and ordering a box saved me on postal charges ????.

      You can order through

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