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Keeping a Horse the Natural Way by Jo Bird

As its title suggests this is a new book on the market, making the most of the interest and awareness which currently prevails in keeping horses more naturally.
When I first picked this book up and flicked through it I was impressed by the number of quality photos and diagrams on almost every page helping to convey a clear and thoughtful message.
With a forward by Pat Parelli and a section from his Partnership System I was immediately attracted to read it from cover to cover.
It is a book packed with so much good, sound advise I wish it could come with every horse sold like the manual your car has.
Not only does it deal with equine inter-relationships, it covers your relationship with the horse and other horse care subjects such as Stabling from the horse’s point of view, Field and grazing requirements, Nutrition the natural way, Healing and Natural Remedies, Tack, bits and gadgets and Caring for your horse throughout its life.
Although it is written with a Northern hemisphere slant, there is still a huge amount of relevance for our Australian conditions. It’s 200 pages encased in a hard cover, are packed full of advise on just about every aspect of having horses.
While an invaluable reference for the new horse owner, there is still plenty of important information for experienced horse owners, particularly those interested in a more natural approach.
The author does a great job of backing up her explanations with sound reasoning – very much common horse sense really.
Her philosophy of horse care is simply “Think about it from the horse’s point of view” and this shines through her message with many references to horse psychology and how a horse would think or react to certain situations.
She has also cleverly selected photos to show situations as most people would know from the everyday horse world – the book is not so naturally radical that it would put off further investigation by traditional horse owners.
Priced at $59.95 (2003), it falls into the valuable reference category and that’s exactly what this book is. The many diagrams, charts and amount of scientific information make it well worth the money.
This book is published by Barrons Eduactional Series and Interpet in 2002 and is Highly recommended.

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