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Natural Horse Care the Right Way

by Dr. A Nyland

BookNaturalHorseCareAnn Nyland could have titled this book ‘Myth Busting Natural Horse Care’ because that’s exactly what it does. If you’ve been using natural or alternative supplements, then you really must read this book. It reveals the truth about many natural products such as apple cider vinegar, garlic, sulphur, herbal wormers, copper, along with many other herbs, minerals and feeds we are using. The contents of this book are backed up by an incredible amount of research with the sources listed in the 21 page bibliography and 17 pages of end notes!

As Ann says “Just because we use natural products doesn’t mean we should leave our brains at the door and see science as the enemy of all things natural. In this book I’m not saying ‘Do not use it because science hasn’t yet found that it works’. I am saying ‘Here is cold hard evidence that certain things will harm your horse!’.
Personally, I have used many of the products Ann has examined in this book because I was following someone else’s anecdotal evidence that they worked. I am so glad that someone has now gone to the trouble of researching and verifying claims made by other ‘natural horse care’ practitioners. While my horses haven’t seemed to come to any great harm, I suspect some conditions were not improving due to my belief I was treating them correctly, when in fact, I wasn’t.

The great thing about this book is Ann also supplies evidence for the usefulness of some natural minerals and herbs, and discusses the benefits of having our horses barefoot, bitless and treeless. In fact I was honoured to be asked to write the section on bitless bridles, no doubt due to the large amount of research I’ve conducted in that area.
It’s an easy book to read written in laypersons terms, and if you own a horse, this book is a must have so you can make informed decisions about the everyday care of your horses.
The Natural Horse World Store now sells this book or if you would like to find out more go to or if you’d like to join in the discussion on all things natural, join the Mythbusters Natural Horse Care Yahoo group.

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