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Natural Treatments – Reiki

Reiki is an ancient ‘hands on’ healing energy that promotes a natural healing in all living things. It is medically proven and can reduce anxiety and restore the animal’s natural balance physically, emotionally and mentally.
Recently I met Dianne from Animal Magic, who is a level 2 Reiki practitioner with seven years of experience, practicing on her own pets (cats, dogs and horses) as well as practicing natural animal care for most of her life.
Her Reiki experience has been with a wide range of native, commercial and domestic animals quite often spontaneously, on site at the time of their injury.
Animals with shock symptoms respond very quickly to Reiki and it can reduce secondary problems/infections and trauma to other areas of the animal as they respond immediately to the treatment.

Animals intuitively understand and are very receptive to Reiki practitioners and Reiki identifies through the practitioners hands, the areas requiring the most healing. Reiki energy also goes on healing long after the treatment has ended and because it heals the cause of the injury/sickness, it reduces the use of long term medication.
Dianne’s 2 ponies, Stardust 32 and Sash 29, immediately understood when Dianne had been attuned to Reiki and place themselves where they want their daily treatment or to identify an area that requires additional treatment.

Reiki, combined with lots of walking for all types of colic has become one of Dianne’s specialties who says the horse has a quick recovery with less injury and more pain alleviated quickly and naturally.
As a complimentary therapy, Reiki can certainly do no harm and has been shown to help diagnose areas of injury to assist treatment by veterinarians. It can save time and money on nerve blocks traditionally used to identify problem areas.

If you would like to find out more about Reiki or Dianne at Animal Magic, phone her on 0363 931177.

2 thoughts on “Natural Treatments – Reiki”

  1. Absolutely, I’ve just had my Reiki Master attunement & I’m making good use of Reiki to support my horse through healing through a bout of laminitis.

    1. Cynthia

      That’s wonderful to hear Beryl. I’m sure it would be helping. I hope you don’t have to deal with laminitis too often – there are some good posts on here about how to avoid it: /how-to-avoid-laminitis/ in case you didn’t get time to read it before.

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