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Abundance of Equine Courses in Australia

An abundance of equine courses, workshops and clinics are on offer to  help further your horsemanship, knowledge of nutrition, hoof care and healing. Learning helps us grow – fuels our passion and lights the fires of progress. Commit to something this summer and you will reap the benefits for the rest of the year.

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2.5 Day Course for Horse Lovers and Horse Professionals January 16-17, 2016 and 26 – 28 February 2016
Learn how to help horses:
• Heal from Illness
• Recover from Injury
• Be calm and present
• Perform better
• Be physically and emotionally vibrant and healthy
• Communicate their needs
Reiki is an ancient energy healing modality you can use on your own horses or offer as a professional service. Horses absolutely love it, so do other animals and humans.
Riders become more centered, relaxed and in tune with their horses!
Equine Reiki is very easy to learn and will bring you to a different level of consciousness.  You will engage your intuitive ability to Imagine yourself being able to offer healing and support to the
horses you love and work with!
You can, and you will, when you learn the amazing healing powers of Equine Reiki.
Facilitators: Sonja Bollnow, Jenny McKenzie and the fabulous herd of Horses
Location: “Banyandah”, Howlong NSW/VIC border
$540 before 15 January 2016
$595 thereafter
Includes: 20 Course hours, an extensive Course Manual and Reiki Level I & II Certificates.
Please note that registration closes 2 weeks prior to the course commencement date as this is when the Course Manual is posted to you.

We offer one fully sponsored spot available to any Horse Rescue Volunteer at each course.
Register at

Webinar: 6 Steps to transform your relationship, communication and confidence with your horse,while building a strong foundation.

Price: Free – Duration: 60 minutes On 27 January 2016

Fran Griffen, author of Communication and Confidence with horses, will guide you through this informative webinar.
Learn key steps to transform the way you communicate with your horse. Great communication is the foundation for all horse training. This webinar will give you the tools you need to strengthen that foundation and improve your life with horses.
Fran will show you her recipe for harmony and ease and a stress free life with horses.

On this webinar, you will discover:

  • How your mind can help you enormously with your horsemanship.
  • Specific groundwork exercises to help build communication.
  • Specific riding concepts to enhance communication and build your foundation.

Click to register now because we can only take 100 people on the call. As a special bonus for those that join me  I will be sending you a copy of my book Communication and Confidence with Horses in ebook format. You need to register, and show up to be eligible.

The Trust Technique Australian Workshop

A OneDay Workshop That Will Inspire You:  held at Banyandah Naturally , RMB 5527 Riverina Hwy, Howlong, Victoria.

On Monday 1st February 2016

Price $150 AUS

We will explore the concepts, principles and practical application of the Trust Technique. It will give you an unforgettable experience of working with both horses and dogs.
Participants learn how to reduce an animals thinking levels, creating an intimate and powerful state of confidence and trust. This stage is integral to the relationship between any animal and human. This sharing does not just help the animal it also helps the human discover their own authentic connection.

This workshop is for anyone who cares for animals on a personal or professional level

  • Pet Owners – Overcome problems and train your animals with confidence and ease.
  • Animal Rescue – Rehabilitate sensitive animals to give them the best chance to find forever homes.
  • Dog Trainers – Create a listening environment with clear communication to increase learning speed and retention.
  • Horse Trainers – Gentle, respectful and meaningful communication leading to rewarding co-operation.
  • Vets and staff – A safe way to help sensitive animals through treatment and speed up recovery times.
  • Animal Therapists – Create a peaceful accepting environment increasing the effectiveness of your therapy.
  • Trust Technique Practitioners – A fantastic introduction for those wishing to have a career in helping animals and people.

For more info please contact the organiser Raquel Butler Email: Phone: 0435 813 505

Expressions of Interest – Noora Ehnqvist Clinic in Tasmania

Between the 8th and 21st of February

Noora sees the life from a broad perspective and sees the work with horses, body awareness, depth and everyday life as a whole, the true wisdom that the horses understand. This wisdom, as well as the horses, Noora considers her biggest mentors. Noora has also been a student and an assistant of Klaus Hempfling for a long time and also both studied and taught with Marijke de Jong. Noora teaches continuously around the world, but she has a deep motivation to learn a lot more.

We seek a harmonious co-operation with the horse, solve problems, look for any loss of motivation, light the sparkle of life back to the horse’s eyes and strenghten the horse physically by training balance, flexibility, and natural pride.

Please email ASAP if you would like to be part of a 2, 3 or 4 day clinic. Limited to 5 or 6 participants.

Balanced Equine Nutrition Seminar with Carol Layton

Sunday, February 14  9:30 AM – 4:00 PM
At The Foreshore, 464 South Arm Road, Lauderdale, Tasmania, Australia 7021

Tickets Available $79 per person includes morning tea/drinks. Lunch available or BYO.

Topics covered:

Come and learn what's best to put in my bucket!
Come and learn what’s best to put in my bucket!
  •  Equine digestion and how it differs to us
  • Key nutrients: protein, fats, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins and electrolytes
  • Feeding for coat, hoof and immune system health
  • Understanding pasture and hay and the nutrition they provide – it’s not just roughage
  • Hay alternatives during drought
  • Who are the NRC
  • Limitations of soil, blood and hair testing
  • Pasture and hay testing
  • How to decipher a feed tag and supplement label
  • Understanding common causes of laminitis; insulin resistance and hindgut carbohydrate overload
  • PPID/Cushings horses
  • Common feeding fads and myths

The day will consist of the above topics plus Carol will take questions from the audience. Enquiries to or Ph. 0419372279.

Equine Reiki Level 1 – Hobart, Tasmania in 2016

22nd – 25th February 2016

Equine Reiki Level 1 is ideal for all horse lovers, animal rescue workers and equine professionals who wish to utilise Reiki, a simple, yet powerful healing technique as a natural approach to improving and maintaining health and wellbeing for both themselves and their horses.

During this four day intensive course participants will learn how to utilise Reiki as a healing support for a wide range of health conditions and behavioural issues in humans and horses as well as being able to reduce the effects of stress and stress related conditions, ease pain, calm fear, promote deep relaxation and more.
Class numbers are limited to six participants to ensure quality one on one interaction so early registration is advised.

Course Times:  The course runs over four consecutive days with classes starting at 9am and finishing approximately 4pm each day. Several breaks are provided throughout the day, with a one hour break for lunch.
Horses: Horses will be provided for participants to work with during practical sessions. Although there are no prerequisites for this course, it is essential that participants have at least 12 months experience handling horses. There is no riding during this course, practical sessions involve groundwork only.

Location: The course will be hosted at ‘Lynbrae’, a private Equestrian facility in Campania, Hobart, Tasmania

Accommodation: Participants are responsible for arranging their own accommodation during the course.

Course Fees: $695 pp – Cost includes Course manuals, Shoden (Reiki Level 1) Certificate, Equine Reiki level 1 Certificate, handouts, morning and afternoon tea. A $200 deposit is required to secure your place, with full payment due 2 weeks prior to course commencement. *Click here to enrol*
* Registration for this course closes 8th February 2016

NO HOOF, NO HORSE Workshop with Wild About Hooves

Location: 111 Cahill Pl, Acton Park, Tasmania.  Saturday, February 27at 8:30 AM

The aim of the workshop: to give you the skills & knowledge to maintain your own horses hooves. It will highlight the “bare facts” of keeping horses without shoes, educate you on horse keeping practices to complement horses evolutionary needs and ways to adapt your domestic environment to keep some of the “wild” elements for the health and happiness of your horse.

$220 one day workshop To reserve a space at the hoof workshop please send your details with a non refundable deposit of $50. To Your deposit can also be paid at the online store Fee includes trim DVD & booklets, cadaver trimming instruction. Quality Tools for sale on the day.
Morning Tea provided, BYO Lunch.

Trisha Wren

will be here for a 3-day clinic March 25 – 7 (Good Fri, Easter Sat, Easter Sun). Only 6 horse/rider combinations.

If 3 days doesn’t suit, or if you miss out on a spot, we may be able to accommodate with privates or semi privates if you’ve worked with Trisha or Peggy Cummings in the past, or half/full day Intro if you’re new to the work.

3 day clinic $430, terms available.

Click through to Facebook event (public). Feel free to share

Magali Delgado & Frédéric Pignon in Australia!

3 Days in Sydney & 3 Days in Perth! April 2016
This is going to be an incredible 3 day weekend for us all! Frédéric will take us on a journey in understanding how we need to think to create a happy, trusting and inspired horse for liberty work. Magali will share with you her principles in riding a horse without tension & stress. Both Frédéric and Magali will be teaching in the main arena at the same time over the weekends. This will allow you to move freely between the liberty, ground work and in-hand lessons with Frédéric and the dressage lessons with Magali. A limited number of dressage lessons will be available.

Click to read more

A Ten Day Retreat with Ribbleton in France – you deserve it!

You’ll pass by vast lakes and clean rivers, travel through valleys and even into delightful villages: imagine the surreal weirdness of stopping cars in a French mountain village on the back of a native horse, amidst a herd of 60. You will fall for the never-ending spectacle of the beautiful landscapes…… only 3 places left! Click to read more

21 Days to a Quiet Mind with Jenny Pearce

We’ve created 21 Days to a Quiet Mind for advanced students and new ones alike – to expand on our own awareness, our own beautiful unique-ness, so that we can all have more of those ahaaa… moments, more often and more easily.

We created Horse Meditations for stress relief, healing, inner peace, happiness, appreciation and lightness of spirit and mixed them with practical exercises with your horse to create what I think is our best program ever.

You can check it out here.

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  1. I can’t recommend Noora Ehnqvist too highly. I’ve known her for four years now and am ever impressed with her gentle ways of achieving powerful change. If you’re even a little bit on a spiritual or personal development path, you’re going to love her!

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