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New Names – same great Balanced Equine Minerals

Carol Layton Balanced Equine Minerals
Carol Layton at Equitana 2016.

Carol Layton at Balanced Equine has renamed several of her very popular minerals to be clearer for horse owners.
Carol says “I’ve always wanted horse owners to understand that if the minerals (ratio and levels) are an excellent match for the rest of their horse’s intake, there is high probability they will see benefits.

It won’t just be the hoof quality improving, it should be the whole body/well being – coat, mane, tail, immune system…”

New Product Names

“I decided to rename Hoof Rescue and Hoof Rescue +Se to Healthy Horse and Healthy Horse +Se (Se = selenium). I think these better reflect it’s not just about hooves.

Laminitis Rescue has needed changing for quite a while. The new name is Sound Hoof mix.
Some people think this product will prevent or cure laminitis, which has not been my intention.
The information that comes with the mix emphasises the importance of a low sugar + starch intake which is all about preventing the level of insulin from being increased to levels that trigger laminitis.

And of course, there are more causes of laminitis than insulin resistance/elevated insulin, though this type is easily the most common in terms of dietary causes.

The only change to all these mixes are the product names, everything else is unchanged, no change in the recipe, ingredients or cost. Just the name.”

Best Minerals

Best Guess Minerals
Rudd’s coat took just a week to darken after starting on Best Guess Mineral Mix.

The Best Guess Mineral Mix name will stay the same as it’s the ‘best guess’ in terms of providing basic minerals for the majority of horses grazing pasture and hay grown in Australia.
This mix is ideal for equines at a maintenance level with a small amount of exercise.
Breeding or growing horses will benefit more from the Healthy Horse and Healthy Horse +Se mineral mixes. 

The Balanced Equine range has become preferred and retailed by many hoof care practitioners Australia Wide. They see that both hooves and overall health improve when fed these minerals alongside regular hoof trimming and an appropriate diet.
Natural Horse World has sold these minerals since their inception, as do many other retailers now.


Here’s what people are saying about the Balanced Equine Minerals:

Best Guess Mix is the best – 5/5 stars By Jen on 24 July 2017
“WOW is all I can say. For 15 years I have tried to find something that doesn’t contribute to making my horse hot but still getting the right balance of minerals. This is the best mix I have ever used. My horse who is the fussiest ever is even eating it without any problems.”

Hoof Rescue (now Healthy Horse) 5/5 stars by Lisa Mcevoy on 20 December 2016

Best Guess Sarah Kuyken hoof only
Feeding minerals can make a remarkable difference in the health of the hoof. (Sarah Kuyken photo)

“Amazing product my horse’s feet are stronger a horse that was advised to be ‘put down ‘ now getting back into cattle work after removing all shoes, after thousands spent on x-rays and corrective shoes, now barefoot and hard healthy hooves not to mention the super shiny coats on both my bay and chestnut. Very happy customer thank you.”

Fantastic product 5/5 stars
“I highly recommend this product. I am feeding this to a 25 & 26-year-old horses and they have the spring back in their step. Over the years I have fed them lots of different supplements but this one is the best! It has improved their feet, their coats, they move around with more ease. I have also started feeding it to my 2 young horses and it is great for them as well. It does not work out to be expensive to feed.”

Hoof rescue + SE Mineral (now Healthy Horse +Se) 5/5 stars By Ineke Keough on 11 August 2018
“I’ve been using this product for over a year now and wouldn’t want to be without it. My horse’s hooves have been in amazing condition since feeding this mineral and the growth is good! I live in a very wet area which creates a struggle to keep hoof health up to scratch. This mineral definitely helps strengthen the outer wall… My horse’s coats also look amazing!”

Laminitis Rescue (now Sound Hoof) 5/5 stars By Diana Southwick on 5 May 2017
“I have been using Laminitis Rescue Mix for over 12 months now not just on my IR boy but on all 5 of my horses. I can truly say that this was the first summer that they didn’t bleach out and I don’t use rugs at all unless we have a few good days of heavy rains and storms. Their hoofs are getting stronger and growing faster. And yes, they are all barefoot. It is now May 2017 and they have grown a thick coat of healthy hair which still shines in the sunshine. I am very happy with this mineral mix and would recommend it 100%.”

Sound Hoof Mineral Mix

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