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A seed was planted about 9 months ago to develop an online publication that brings like minded horse people, trainers, therapists, artists and self development coaches together to help “Change the conversation we have with our horses” and hopefully improve the conversations we have with ourselves.

Mindset is everything when it comes to horses and in fact life!
Our outcomes in life are a direct reflection of the beliefs that we have about our life.  If we improve our beliefs and choose ways of thinking that support our goals then we will definitely improve the circumstances of our life.
We have hundreds of people and horses come to our training centre and we have found over the years that we spend as much time coaching, counseling and helping the horse owner as we do the horse.
Our hope along with the contributing authors is to improve the quality of life for horses and their riders, sharing ideas and strategies to work and experiment with.

Our first issue features stories from trainers and international self-development coaches from all over the world and covers subjects such as:

  • Mindset, Equipment use, Personalities Values & Beliefs, Animal Communication, Art & Fashion, Barefooting, Tai Chi for Riders, Photonics, Equine Facilitated Learning and much more.

You can view our first edition by clicking here: Holistic Equitation Online Magazine We hope you enjoy the publication, it will be available quarterly or as the seasons change.
If you have a story you would like to share or would be interested in contributing please feel free to contact Jo McInnes –

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