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Bale Buddy

  • The Bale Buddy Bag holds an oversize straw bale (and Tigga!).
    The Bale Buddy Bag holds an oversize straw bale (and Tigga!).

    Easy, economical solution to transporting individual hay bales.

  • No more messy car boot, ute or horse float, keeps your hay dry too.
  • Large enough to fit the slightly oversized lucerne or straw bale.
  • Has sturdy handles for easy lifting/carrying and a flap cover for weather resistant transport.
  • Also use it to keep your rugs and tack dry while you are out enjoying a ride.
  • Store additional filled haynets at the paddock out of the weather.
  • Similar solutions can cost twice the price of the TMR Bale Buddy and our product is much larger in dimension and can fold away into a nice neat package when not in use.
  • Only $14.95 here in the Natural Horse World Store.

SuperSoft Rope Halters in new colours

SuperSoft Halter in Lime/black zig zag – your horse will stand out in this one.

Lime/black zig zag and Purple sparkle are the newest colours added to our range which was hugely popular at Equitana this year. Supersoft Rope Halters are hand  made for us by the same ‘rope smith’ who makes for clinicians such as Steve Brady and Steve Halfpenny. They are the best fitting rope halters you will find – they sit nicely behind the cheeks/jowls and well back on the neck. 

Purple Sparkle SuperSoft halter will enhance your horse.

They are beautifully finished with a stitched down fiador knot (so won’t come undone when you wash), a leather name tag you can personalise, and a spliced tail.   100% Australian made from quality polyester double braid Tuff Tack equestrian rope for softness with  strength and durability. Just $25 – more info and buy here.

Dura-Tech Haynet Filler

Stablehand haynet Filler will make filling any net or bag easier.

This handy haynet filler will save you so much time you will wonder how you ever did without it.

The StableHand™ is just that, it’s like having another set of hands in the stable, garden or wherever you need to fill a bag.

• Simply roll the StableHand™ up and place it into the opening of a hay bag, haynet or whichever bag you want to fill – the StableHand™ will hold the opening open for you and upright.

• Simply fill it up and then remove the StableHand™. It is that easy!

• Use it for hay, shavings, manure and garden waste.

• Perfect for the small Haysaver Tough Nets, and large Greedy Steed slowfeed haynets.
Only $19.95 and now available here.

GONE Pet Collar and Kennel/StableMate discs

Stable and Kennel Discs

These non-toxic natural peppermint oil insect repellent discs will keep mosquitos, fleas and ticks away from your pets and you. They will protect you and your pets for around 15 days of continuous use or longer when stored in their airtight plastic zip bag. You can also revive them with drops of peppermint oil when stored. PEPPERMINT OIL is scientifically proven to be FAR superior as a repellent compared to citronella oil.

Gone StableMate Discs keep mozzies, flies and ticks away.
Hang or clip them around the stable, kennel, your camp, and anywhere insects are bothering you or your animals.  StableMate discs are just $11.95 for 4 discs, and Pet Collars (for use on dogs or cats) are only $14.95.

Natural Insect Repellent Bands for your Dog or Cat – Repel Flies, Ticks, Fleas &  Mosquitoes, last for 30 days.

  • Gone Pet Collar

    A vapor barrier released from the GONE™ band keeps bugs and flying insects away with 100% NATURAL aromatic essential oils.

  • Effectiveness continues even when band is wet.
  • Natural aromatic essential oils including peppermint, pine, lavender.
  • Comes with re-sealable pouch in order to save the GONE™ band for future use (lasts for 30 days).

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