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New Supersoft Knotless Rope Halter

For those who like all the qualities of superior rope but don’t want knots to apply pressure, this beautiful knotless rope halter is light, neat and gentle.

It’s comfortable and safe enough to leave on when a halter is needed to support a nose protector for example.*

Made from 8mm Equestrian Braided Tuff Tack rope with a poly rope noseband cover, it provides more comfort for your horse.
The mini, small pony and pony sizes are made with 6mm rope so they aren’t so bulky.

An additional safety feature is the optional break-away stainless steel buckle.

We’ve used a stainless steel ring where a lead rope attaches to remove the bulkiness of the fiador knot.

They come in black with a black/gold noseband (pictured) or brown with a brown/gold noseband.
Or, black/gold with a black noseband and brown/gold with a brown noseband.
Sizes: Mini, Small Pony, Pony, Cob/Arab, Full and X-Large.

If you love to ride in something as simple as a rope halter and reins, this Supersoft Knotless rope halter pairs nicely with a set of LightRider Rope reins – either the single continuous rein or a pair of split reins. They are made from 10mm polybraid rope so they double as a nice light lead rope too.

Additional padding can be added to the headpiece with either a braided poll cover or a beaded neoprene poll/noseband cover.

*We don’t recommend leaving any halter on a horse unless it is checked at least twice daily and the halter has a breakaway system (buckle or ideally leather).

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