New Trail Riding Group

Enjoy Trail Riding?

  • Want to see more of the world from your saddle?
  • Want to ride with socially responsible riders?
  • Want to ride Bitless and Barefoot?
  • Want comprehensive public and personal liability insurance?
  • Want to ride anywhere in Australia with like minded riders?
  • Want a nationally accredited trail horse rating for your horse?
  • Want to have fun?

Then we have the club for you… Tasmanian Trail Riders ‘Devils on Horseback’ Inc

We’re a group of horse enthusiasts who wanted to form a club dedicated to ethical, sensible and enjoyable trail riding. Ethical riding practices, to us, means that we are able to ride our horses bare foot, bitless, treeless and without the need to wear a helmet if we so choose. Riders are encouraged to wear and use personal protective equipment and tack appropriate to their confidence and exposure. Poor horsemanship and unethical treatment of horses will not be tolerated in this club.

Ethical also applies to riding in an environmentally sensitive and socially responsible manner – no trespassing, no damage and no hooning. Don’t worry, if you’re up for a good run, we’ll have rides that will keep your heart racing.

Sensible means that, courtesy of our affiliation with Australian Trail Horse Riders Association (ATHRA), financial members are covered by an excellent insurance premium. For those who wish to extend that cover to their horse and tack, as a financial member you get a great discount on that higher level of insurance. Sensible means that our rides are conducted by an ATHRA accredited Trail Boss and in accordance with ATHRA’s Code of Conduct. It means that we can offer private land holders a sensible degree of reassurance as we have third party liability cover and, legally, we’re now an Incorporated Association with Dept of Justice, Tas. Sensible also means that we, at the bottom of the world, are linked in with major horse industry bodies such as Australian Horse Alliance as well as a great network of contacts for all things ‘Horse’.

Ride Classifications for Tas Trail Riders ‘Devils on Horseback’ Inc Rides

Grade I – Easy: 2.5 hrs max, flat or undulating terrain, low exposure to traffic, walk and trot only. Ride can include progressive skills acquisition such as gate opening, bridge crossing or tack set up for more comfortable trail riding.

Grade II – Intermediate: 1-3 hrs, generally benign terrain but more emphasis on trail riding etiquette and skills required to conduct or assist with an ATHRA ride. Walk, trot with controlled canter and obstacles which can be by passed depending on your confidence level. Skills include safe road crossing, incident management, handy stock horse techniques, Trec elements and basic orienteering.

Grade III – Moderate: 3-6 hrs, undulating to hilly terrain with natural or man made obstacles such as creeks, bridges, roads, tunnels; medium exposure to traffic, three gaits and possible small jumps, intermediate skills training including overnight using base camp concept and,

Grade IV – Challenging: 6-8 hrs or multiday rides, all gaits, all terrains in a controlled and appropriate manner; natural and man made obstacles to be anticipated. Ride can be combined with pack horse, base camp or skills training such as orienteering, saddle navigation, search and rescue procedures, incident management or Trec type activities.

The Club rides monthly during winter and, as light and weather improves, we will have weekend and mid week rides with frequent camp outs planned. Rides and camps are primarily in North and North West Tas however, White Timber, Mt Bethune and Tangara Track trips in South are scheduled. Membership is strictly regulated to ensure riders align with our ethical, environmental and national code of conduct. If you are interested, please see or contact Club Secretary, Raylene Garwood, on 0418167382.



  1. Good on you Raylene, I have been wanting to do this up here for a while now.

  2. sounds great,just what we need up here in northern nsw, we have a small group, we are bitless, barefoot and treeless and we are considerate riders but bit curtailed because wary of riding with others who aren`t so. . . thanks and happy times with your horse and buddies :O}

  3. Sounds wonderful! I need a group like that where I am in Gippsland. Good luck with your group!

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