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New Treeless Saddle Pad

The new LightRider treeless saddle pad.
The new LightRider treeless saddle pad.

I’ve always recommended using a cotton saddle pad under the LightRider Bareback Pad to keep it clean, and a treeless saddle pad for bony backs, so finally, our own LightRider saddle pad is available.

This cotton Treeless Saddle pad is designed to match the LightRider Bareback Pads. It has pockets either side of the spine with foam inserts that can be left in for horses with high withers/poor muscling, or removed for rounder horses. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Keeps your bareback pad clean – washable cotton.
  • Velcros to the D rings – keeps them together – no slipping.
  • Foam inserts for use with high withered horses & treeless saddles.
  • Lightweight and durable.
  • Affordable at $89 (most treeless pads are upwards of $200).

They come in black and brown aubergine and in 2 sizes – regular and small to match the bareback pad sizes.

Regular is 58cm/23″ along the spine and will fit treeless, stock and half breed saddles, while the small is 51cm/20″ so fits dressage and english style saddles.

To see more images or buy for just $79 (on sale) click here now.

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