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New Year, New Ways and a Gift

Miss Maisy
Miss Maisy and her shadow.

Welcome to 2015

– the Chinese year of the Sheep/Goat will officially start on February the 19th so I’m getting in early! From the description on this page, it sounds like we’re in for a pleasant year: “The Sheep (Goat) is a Yin energy, a symbol of peace, Hpharmonious co-existence and tranquility. That is the primary and fundamental mood for this year.”

This seems to be reflected in many new articles and books being written for those looking for a different or better way to be with their horses.

I have recently read ‘Quality Time: Activities for You and Your Horse’ by Andree L. Ralph, and next on the list is ‘The Cognitive Horse’. There seem to be so many more posts in blogs and on Facebook about recognising that our horse is a sentient being, not just a vehicle for our pleasure.
Lets hope with the speed at which information spreads due to social media, the equine world will  change to offer more of that harmonious co-existence and tranquility the year of the sheep promises.

To get you started on your new journey I’m recommending a fabulous free E book10 Tips to Boost the Relationship with Your Horse by Karine Vandenborre of Horsefulness Training

KarineVandenborreKarine offers the following tips to help you solve your relationship issues (might work with your human relationships too!)

Tip 1: Allow your horse the most favourable way of living
Tip 2: Do as much NOTHING as you do SOMETHING
Tip 3: Scratch, fiddle and rub
Tip 4: Make work of groundwork
Tip 5: Train your Horse and Train Yourself
Tip 6: Be in the Here and Now
Tip 7: Get out of your everyday environment!
Tip 8: Protect your horse!
Tip 9: Show your true feelings
Tip 10: Listen to your horse!

I really enjoyed the suggestions Karine makes, and her values toward horses fits nicely with mine. And I can also say from experience, if you put these things into practice they really do work. Your relationship will blossom, and your horses will much happier and more willing to spend time with you.

So click here to get your copy now or browse Karine’s website which has an English and a Dutch version.

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