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One With the Herd – A Spiritual Journey

by Liz Mitten-Ryan

OneWithTheHerdCoverThis is one truly inspirational book full of beautiful photos and paintings by the author.
Liz Mitten-Ryan lives a life with her horses many (and definately me) would be envious of.
On 320 acres in the big sky country of British Columbia, Liz and her family of people, horses, dogs and cats are surrounded by picture perfect landscapes.
These inspire Liz’s art and her writing about her spiritual experiences of communicating with her herd of well bred warmbloods.

Liz says “For me, having horses is not just about riding and training and competition, but about the special relationship we share with them, and the pure joy of smelling, touching, and basking in their presence.”

For over six years, Liz lived with her horses, breeding and raising their babies and learning more about horsemanship by studying Parelli, Monty Roberts and other great horseman. But she learned the most from listening to her horses:


“This is what animals have to teach us: the rightness of listening to our intuition, living in the moment, and experiencing true freedom.
We have taken a spiritually evolved creature who’s life was choreographed to dance like the wind, and crushed their spirits by our fear, our need to control and capture. Thinking we can own their joy along with their bodies, we try to take it from them, and we crush it in the process. It is no longer theirs to share. They develop all the neuroses that thrive in captivity: cribbing, weaving, kicking and biting their captors. solitary confinement has taken its toll.”

The horses, living as they would in the wild, but with the benefit of loving and supportive humans, share their secrets through the concept of ‘Equinisity’ – the gift of finding the unexpected and truly important perspective through the clear vision of the equine.

This 200+ page beautifully presented hard cover book is highly recommended as a gift for any horse lover and is available from Liz’s web site (along with book 2 – the Truth According To Horses) at or through

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  1. Thanks for sharing this Cynthia. I have seen the trailer for the film but didn’t know there was a book too. Will definitely have to get a copy of this! The healing work they do with the horses there is incredible.

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