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OzHorseToysBallBrenda Darley is keen to see horses play so she started her online horse toys business, importing the best quality toys that withstand a lot of horseplay!

Horses can enjoy free-play with the Equine balls and they are ideal for playing the Equine Soccer game. Equine Soccer is becoming a popular equestrian activity away from mainstream disciplines.

The benefits of the Equine Soccer Game are numerous:

  • Improves co-ordination, focus, confidence and communication skills between riders and horses
  • Is a great activity for promoting teamwork skills
  • Is a fun equestrian activity that’s supplementary to mainstream disciplines

Here are some reasons why the Equi-Spirit Soccerballs are superior to other equine balls:

  • They are extremely durable – horses can enjoy free-play with these balls
  • They come with a cover – a 100% double knit polyester cover which is hard-wearing, removable and washable
  • The covers are available in several soccerball print colours as well as the ever popular Smiley Face print
  • The bladders are made from tough anti-burst pvc and are suitable for animal use
  • Two sizes are available – 63cm and 101cm
  • The Equi-Spirit Equine soccerballs come with a 90 day warranty against manufacturer’s defects

OzhorsetoyscatchballThe Equi-Spirit Soccerballs can be enjoyed by everyone and their horses – from riding clubs to individual horse owners.

The Rainbow cones make great marker cones or toys, and the Catchball (which my dogs loved) is easy for horses to pick up and throw.
And if you have to photograph your horses looking alert and prancing around, just roll an equine soccer ball around the pasture!
There is quite a range of toys to play with in the paddock or to amuse horses needing to be confined in a yard or stable. Have a look at the website for some great xmas gift ideas for your horse!

6 thoughts on “Ozhorsetoys”


    Where can I buy one of these large balls in the uk? THANKS

    1. Cynthia

      Please contact OZ Horse Toys directly about that from the link at the end of the article.

  2. Tanya Pidgeon

    Hi, I’m interested in the jolly ball and large play ball for horses. I live in Perth, WA. Thanks, Tanya

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