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Beeswax now available in the store

This block of pure beeswax is ideal for the treatment of seedy toe.

Use it to plug the holes where you’ve dug out infection, after applying Bug Buster or any other treatment.

It’s perfect for keeping the dirt out of the hole, while keeping the treatment in, and will stay there for weeks provided it is applied to a relatively dry cavity.

Measures 8x5x2 cm or 3x2x1″ approx. weighs 80g. Just $5 in the Natural Horse World Store.

Freemover Plus for Horses On Sale Now

“I’ve been using Freemover Plus for my 30yo Quarterhorse mare who has very bad arthritis in her fetlock joint for almost a year now (with short breaks) and she is definately able to move better and more comfortably than when she isn’t on it. She is much easier to trim too now that she can take some weight on the leg which she couldn’t prior to her daily dose of Freemover Plus.” Cynthia Cooper.

A concentrated blend in organic cider vinegar. Ideal for maintaining healthy muscles and joints in older horses. A favourite for providing a new lease of life for ageing animals and for helping prevent the onset of aching limbs.

Devil’s Claw is a traditional anti-inflammatory used for stiff joints and for maintaining healthy circulation.
Contains: Organic cider vinegar, Devil’s Claw, White Willow, Meadowsweet, Hawthorn, Nettle, Rosehips, Kelp.

500ml and 1 litre sizes from $39.55 in the Natural Horse World Store for July only.

Versatile Slowfeeder Haynets

Here are some tips to helping you get more from your Slowfeeder haynets:

  • When its wet and cold, put them inside a big bin under loose hay for hungry horses so they are satisfied and warm up quickly, but then have hay to munch on right through the cold days and nights.
  • To keep the hay dry hang the net so it just touches the ground and put a chaff bag over the top so they can still access the bottom 1/3rd.
  • To reduce the intake and slow down the eating process even more (for overweight horses) hang the nets so they swing but are not to far off the ground, or put less hay in so the mesh is looser.

Here’s another idea from Nan:

“Thanks for being so quick with the last lot of slow feeder nets. 🙂
I got a second set for the ponies to make “frozen mornings” easier. I hate knots in the morning so OH suggested a second set…. brilliant! After I feed out at night I fill the next set for the morning…. makes it quicker and more comfortable for me (& the ponies!!) Love these nets. The ponies feed now lasts up to 4 hours some days, where it would be gone or spoilt in under and hour!! I also like to make “treat” nets by putting grass hay, lucerne and bury carrots in the nets when we have a really cold wet day to keep the ponies interested… bit like a yummy sandwich. Happy Horsing, always from Nan & Her Neddies xx :-)”.

Horse Face Veils

This fabulous new product as seen this week on the New Inventors program, has a great range of alternatives to protect white markings and pink skin from sunburn. The various styles of face covering offer better protection than standard fly masks or applying sunscreen daily.

Natural Horse World will be testing the HFV Paddock design (pictured) that requires no halter and has no eye covering (we rarely get flies here) – great for horses with those big white faces! When our horses ‘endorse’ this product they will be offered in the online store. If you can’t wait to try one visit

Royale Horsemanship

Cynthia Royale is a teacher of Bitless and Bridleless Riding in the US and her complete video training, formerly on DVD, has been converted to digital downloads so people all over the world can buy them at an incredibly low price AND without the time delay or hassle of shipping.  The whole 3-volume set is on sale for under $20, half the price of rental from Giddyupflix or similar video rental sites. Website:

Plus the hardcopy DVD set is on sale at 50% off too:

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