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New Product.

Equine Shield Wound Gel from Roseneath Organics.

Before the treatment with Analgesic Wound Gel

I have been testing this product for a month now with an excellent result. Fantasy has inherited her mum’s deep heel bulbs that had become infected with thrush/canker and I’d tried many different treatments (Manuka Honey, Tea Tree Oil, Calendula, Hypericum and more) with no success.

As you can see from the before photo – it was ugly with pus. The heel bulbs had a cleft that was over 2cm deep on her worst hoof and less on the others.

After cleaning with a baby wipe pushed right into the heel cleft (the applicator tip on the gel bottle was useful for this), I applied the Wound Gel daily for the first week then every second day for the next 3 weeks. As you can see from the after photo, the results were a nice clean heel.

And best of all, its has stayed thrush/canker free ever since, despite all the wet weather and mud we now have.

After treatment with Analgesic Wound Gel

Equine Shield Wound Gel has been formulated with ingredients that effectively treat and rapidly disinfect fresh wounds.

Wound Gel contains natural clays and mineral salts that encourage superior tissue repair whilst sealing the wound. Wound Gel has an astringent action, and encourages rapid cell granulation and thus improves tissue re-growth.

Wound Gel contains essential oils (it smells lovely) to alleviate nerve pain and to repel flies and insects from the wound site. It is ideal for fresh wounds as it encurages granulation and formation of a flexible scab. At just $19.95 per 125ml bottle it’s well worth having in your equine first aid kit. Click here for more info or to purchase.

LightRider Bitless Bridles now come in English Leather.

English style bridle in dark brown english leather.

The LightRider English (pictured) and Stockhorse style bitless bridles are now available in black or dark brown english leather. This lovely supple leather combines with quality brass (on the Stockhorse style) and stainless steel (on the English style) hardware to give you a beautiful bridle that will feel great and last for many years.

Priced at $129 they offer affordable quality and can be proudly worn in competiton (where allowed) or just to give your horse the best.

In the near future, the Bitless Noseband and LightRider reins will also come in English leather. Click here for more info or to purchase.

New LightRider Cotton reins now in stock.

LightRider Cotton Reins come in black or brown.

For those who like a softer, thicker, flat rein. These quality stitched & woven cotton reins are 3cm (1 1/4″) wide and are very comfy to hold. They have a buckle in the centre and at both ends.
Available in 3 sizes: Cob (2.6m/100″), Full (3m/118″) and W’blood/Draft (3.6m/142″) and two colours: Black or brown with brass or stainless steel rein clips.

Click here for more info or to purchase.

The Best Bareback Pad

– is now back in stock in both real suede and synthetic suede with the only difference being the type of material used on the surface. The underside has a thick synthetic felt, designed to be used with a saddle pad underneath. The features that set this pad apart from others are:

  • Practical handle that sits in front of the pad for easy use.
  • Shape along the backbone that fits higher withered horses too.
  • Stitched down girth webing that won’t tighten over the backbone.
  • 4 D rings that give you somewhere to tie a coat, hang a drink bottle or lead rope etc.
  • Changeable girthing system so either english points or a western cinch can be used.
The Best Bareback Pad

‘Your bareback pad is great Cynthia! I bought it to use when I ride my daughter’s 12hh pony and it sits so well on her and is very comfortable and feels really secure with the suede to sit on. I like the way the handle sits across ways and the fact it is big enough to hold nicely with both hands in a good position. Hannah felt very safe and comfortable in it when she had the ride recently, that is a good test as she is a nervous little Nellie.
Even though it is the large size, we used it on our little 10hh pony and it was great. I was surprised it looked absolutely fine and not too big, two little kids were able to double on the pony and feel really relaxed and happy.’ Jane B. SA

Click here for more info or to purchase.

Round Bale Slowfeeder Net – How to.

These photos show the easy steps to getting the Slowfeeder net on the round bale.

1. Remove the net wrap or strings.
2. Dig out all the wet or mouldy parts until you can no longer feel any heat or smell  mould. Horses will leave spoiled hay in the net.
3. This may involve peeling off a layer that can then be used for mulch.
4. With two people its easiest to work the net down from the top.
5. Work it right to the bottom so the top is nice and tight.
6. Tighten the drawstring around the bottom and  tie it so that a hoof can’t get caught.

Round Bale Slow Feeder net Feedback:

“I purchased a large haynet for my destructive stallion who thinks a big 5 x5 bale of hay is just one big toy. Well its looking very interesting. I put out some loose hay for a few days as you suggested. He now prefers to eat from the net – loose hay no longer required. He seems to be managing it very well.

The BIGGEST surprise is he is so much calmer as well – Don’t know if that will last although he has lots and lots of toys. If its not chained or bolted down it becomes a toy or is totally destroyed. I think now it takes much longer to get his hay so keeps him busy longer. Less time to stand around wondering what to do next and less pent up energy. He as learnt to nibble away so delicately at the net – and he was such a gung ho type of horse. At this stage I am just blown away by the change HE IS SO CALM now and the hay is still in one piece, just hoping it is permanent.! He also likes to stand on it like a goat but the net is standing up well to the rough treatment. “ Vicki B.

Click here for more info or to purchase.


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