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Slick Stick back in stock

Slick Stick colours are bright.
Slick Stick colours are bright.

These telescopic training sticks were so popular at Equitana we sold out in the first 2 days. Now they’re back with better grip on the handles and in 4 bright colours.

The Slick Stick expands from 8″ to 48″. Compact in size so it fits in your pocket or hangs off your saddle or belt so your training stick is always available when you need it.

Here are some of it’s many uses:

  • As an extension of your arm that you can shorten as you refine your cues
  • To keep a horse out of your personal space, especially when feeding.
  • On the trail to keep another horse from riding too close – to protect your “herd of two” (you and your horse).
  • SlickStickFlagFor directing your horse during liberty play
  • As a target in clicker training.
  • For supporting your rein aid when you teach the horse to neck rein, or to listen to your legs and seat without using the reins

While it is robust, it’s not designed to make heavy handed contact with the horse.

A ‘Horses Just Wanna Have Fun’ nylon flag that clips to the end of your Slick Stick is also available here.

New Mineral Supplement – Hoof Rescue with Selenium

Hoof Rescue + Selenium is a new mineral mix in our range.
Hoof Rescue + Selenium is a new mineral mix in our range.

Announcing a new product to our range of mineral mixes from Balanced Equine, designed by independent equine nutritionist Carol Layton.

Selenium is an important antioxidant for protecting cell structures and cell membranes from the effects of oxygen free radicals produced during energy generation, and therefore most important for tissues with high aerobic metabolism activity like the brain/nervous system, heart, skeletal muscles and rapidly growing tissues.
Acidic soils inhibit selenium uptake by plants. Alkaline soils are more likely to have adequate selenium levels though horses in work may need supplementation.
A soil test will show pH, and the lower the pH number the higher the acidity. 7 is neutral and the higher the number the more alkaline the soil.

Many areas of Australia have acidic soils so its a good idea to test yours to decide if you need to supplement with selenium. When combined with the other ingredients in Hoof Rescue, you are providing the next best mineral supplement to having a feed analysis and custom mineral mix done. Carol Layton is able to do this, and in the long run it is more affordable and better for your horse to feed exactly what they need, but in the meantime, the mineral mixes Carol designed are the next best thing.

For more in-depth information see Balanced Equine’s info on Feeding for Hoof Health (also for whole horse health) and for more information on the importance of selenium click here.

  • Hoof Rescue + SE contains significant amounts of copper, zinc and magnesium plus selenium, iodine, calcium and phosphorus.
  • Comes in a 2.970g pack for $45 = 26 cents per day.
  • Will last 5.7 months on the standard dose for the average horse.
  • Vitamin E is not included because when added to feeds or multi ingredient supplements it is oxidised very quickly so should be added separately.

You can purchase Hoof Rescue +SE here, along with the other supplements in our range – Best Guess and Hoof Rescue.

Here’s some recent feedback we’ve received about the mineral mixes:

Zoe's Humphrey shows a much darker, shinier coat in these before and after feeding minerals.
Zoe’s Humphrey shows a much darker, shinier coat in these before and after feeding minerals.

“I’m so happy with your Hoof Rescue mineral mix supplement!! I just checked the 3 horses feet after an epic wet spell we’ve had, where they’ve not had dry feet for 2 weeks straight – normally I’d be staring at a stinky black thrushy mess, but their frogs and hooves are looking better than they ever have looked – not worse, and there is no stinky smell!
Their paddocks are muddy and their track has puddles along it. Normally this would mean thrush in all 12 hooves/frogs.

I can’t tell you how happy I am, or how many hours/$ I’ll save not having to soak and treat their hooves! I have literally battled thrush for years – it seems you may have solved this persistent problem for me.
In addition to having better hooves, their coat colours have darkened up too, especially my dark brown stockhorse – he’s approaching black.

So, so happy! Thank you so much for developing this “one size fits most” supplement. I’ll let you know of any further developments.” Fiona Bullivant.

Rudd's coat took just a week to darken after starting on Best Guess Mineral Mix.
Rudd’s coat took just a week to darken after starting on Best Guess Mineral Mix.

“We have only been using Best Guess for three weeks at this stage, and have seen a great improvement in my 18 year old gelding.
He was a very sun bleached bay, light brown, and is now progressively getting darker, his once reddish mane is already almost all jet black. Impressed with the product will keep using.” Glenn.


Haysaver Tough Nets on Sale

For the month of June, save 10% on Small, Half Bale and Full Bale nets in our Haysaver Tough net range. They are available in both 4cm and 6cm hole netting with prices ranging from $19.95 (6cm Small net) to $44.95 (4cm Full Bale net) so the more nets you buy, the more you save.

It’s a great opportunity to stock up nets so you can pre-fill more, ready to put out on these early dark nights, or if you  recently purchased one to try, get more now!

When the grass is low over winter, its a good idea to have multiple smaller nets spread around different areas in your pasture or track, so your horses move as they ‘graze’ them.

Haysaver nets are also ideal for soaking hay as they don’t hold water in the netting like the woven nets do. They are also resistant to smells being made from UV stabilised marine grade netting.

Here’s some feedback from the many reviews – you can read more here under Product Reviews:

‘Never putting hay out without nets again’ 5 Star Review Posted by Anja

Tying the net to a tyre keeps it from being dragged into manure, getting lost, and for ease of eating when the hay gets low.
Tying the net to a tyre keeps it from being dragged into manure, getting lost, and for ease of eating when the hay gets low.

“I am very pleased with my nets. The herd accepted them without any problems and we have so much less wastage. Gone are the days of hay been blown away by the wind or it being trampled into the mud. The herd is so much calmer,less frantic at feeding time. Thank you Cynthia for all your advice on how to put them out. The best solution we have found for our conditions are to attach the nets to tyres with rims still in them.”

‘Great purchase’ 5 Star Review Posted by Eve on 2nd Jul 2014

“I have a square bale size for if I’m away for a couple of days so my neighbour doesn’t have to worry about feeding, and 2 of the large size of which my mare gets one in the morning and one in the evening. After the first couple of days when she was determined to empty them asap (they stood up to the rough treatment well!), she now spends an hour at the net, then loafs for a bit, wanders around and nibbles at the almost non existent winter grass – and then comes back for some more and makes one net last for 5 or 6 hours. So they really do replicate grazing behaviour as long as consistently filled.”

‘Great purchase’ 4 Star Review Posted by Vicki on 7th Jan 2015

“I bought the slow feeders to assist in stopping the kangaroos from pinching the horse hay and to make it easier for others to help feed. They are great. The roos don’t get to steal as much and I’m actually going through less hay. Well worth the purchase!”


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