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The Slick Stick.

Not really a cat toy but it works for that too!

What a wonderful invention this is. I’ve had lots of fun finding uses for the Slick Stick – the first being a toy to entertain the cats without getting off my chair!

This telescopic stick is lovely and light (no more tennis elbow from swinging a stick around!) and you can select the length you need it to be.

It’s extremely handy to carry in your pocket or clipped to your belt while feeding horses, and great for showing those who are young or rude that you’d like some order when putting out the feeds.

It’s perfect for kids to keep them safe around larger horses as they can carry it easily and define their personal space. The small flag on the end helps with visibility without being too scary, and a nice round tip means no accidental poking and hurting something.

This give you an idea of how small the Slick Stick reduces to.

Despite the fact that its telescopic, this stick is suprisingly strong, although I wouldn’t recommend ever hitting a horse with it – why would you want to when its very effective with the flag at getting their attention and instigating movement. You can get yours from

Riding with the Slick Stick can help your horse get used to carrying things and can help you learn to do all sorts of things without reins.

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