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Cynthia wearing her Natural Instincts Wool hat and Finn who is wearing a LightRider Bitless Bridle.

These product reviews are written by Cynthia Cooper after experiencing the products personally.
They are chosen for their suitability in a natural horse keeping situation.

Some of them are available in the Natural Horse World Store where we sell only ‘horse endorsed’ products that are good for all equines.

If you have a product you think fits into this category, please contact me for a possible review.


Product Reviews

Slow Feed Haysaver Haynets - Slow feeding is fast becoming the best practice for the horse industry as people discover the benefits for their horses and their wallet. The availability of long lasting nylon and poly netting used in the marine industry has enabled enterprising manufacturers to provide a much needed product. These tough nets are made to last from […]
Round Bale Net use and cover to make - I can see why some people prefer to use round bales as they are cheaper than the equivalent in small squares, and it means less hay handling on a daily basis. The downside to large rounds is the wastage as horses can really make a mess of a bale that is not contained. Even in […]
Ozhorsetoys - Brenda Darley is keen to see horses play so she started her online horse toys business, importing the best quality toys that withstand a lot of horseplay! Horses can enjoy free-play with the Equine balls and they are ideal for playing the Equine Soccer game. Equine Soccer is becoming a popular equestrian activity away from […]
Rhythm beads Rhythm Beads - Rhythm beads seem to be catching on as a way of enhancing your horse and for adding some interest, joy and rhythm to your ground play or riding. The style I tried were from and are made in the USA. Your chosen coloured beads come on a leather thong and have slightly louder (but […]
Smart Rider Breakaway Stirrups - Getting your foot entangled and caught up in the stirrup whilst horse riding and being dragged is EVERY riders worst nightmare!!! Countless deaths, serious debilitating and permanent injuries are unfortunately attributed worldwide to horse riding related dragging accidents!!! Queensland company, SmartRider Pty Ltd invents designs, develops and manufactures breakaway stirrups. In fact, on the ABC […]
The Best Bareback Pad - For a long time, I’ve been wanting to improve on various design aspects of bareback pads now commonly available, and often expensive. These new bareback pads are made locally by Mobile Saddler, Rick Allen, here in Tasmania with top quality materials. The new design features are: Shaped back seam curved for a higher wither. Will […]
Speedi Beet - Finally, a horse firendly feed is now available in Tasmania and most parts of Australia. Speedi-Beet is made from pure unmolassed sugar beet pulp which is a by-product of the sugar beet industry. Sugar beet is grown in Europe and North America as an alternative to sugar cane which is grown in tropical and sub-tropical […]
New G2 Old Mac Hoof Boots - As you can see above, the new Generation of Old Mac Boot on the left is sleeker than the original model on the right. Other improvements and changes to the boots are: Streamlined uppers are stiched,not riveted to the sole which also has a new tread pattern. The new sole material is more durable and […]
Barefoot Sculptor - Dave McDonald of Mac’s Equine is the inventor of Old Mac Boots and the Pee Wee Bit, and has now come up with another helpful tool in the form of a hoof rasp with a handle called the Barefoot Sculptor. The handle on the rasp makes the job of trimming much safer, especially for beginners […]
The ‘Wild Knife’ - This treasure for your trim kit was designed by Jeremy Ford of The Wild Knife is easy to use with the hoofpick as part of the blade, so it optimises your time and efficiency when trimming. The way the steel is tempered ensures it stays sharp and holds an edge like no other. The […]
Blocker Tie Ring - Often, when a horse realises he’s tied solid he feels trapped, panics and pulls back – potentially breaking tack and hurting himself. When tack breaks, there is a sudden release of pressure and horses have to scramble to keep their balance and can easily flip over backwards and/or seriously hurt themselves. Unique, the Blocker Tie […]
Himalayan Rock Salt - is an excellent choice to include in the diet because it assists digestion and enhances absorption allowing MICRO NUTRIENTS to be absorbed easily into the blood stream where cellular functions take place. ie., provide the nutrient support that maintains healthy cells and a healthy body. The tremendous pressure in the formation of the Himalayan mountains […]
The Dry Seat Saddle Pad - Another very practical Macs Equine Invention provides a cover to keep the chills out and the rain off you, and your expensive saddle while riding or when dismounted. As you can see in the picture here, the pad is a neat wool kersey material, with the cordura bag attached at the front containing a waterproof […]
CoolHeat Blanket - For many years I’ve not used a blanket on my horses unless they have been ill or old and chilled to the bone by wet windy weather. As an advocate of a more natural life for horses, it seems strange that I should be reviewing a horse blanket (rug as we say here), but this […]
Gone Natural Insect Repellant Collar - GONE natural insect repellant collars for horses are now available in Australia through the Natural Horse World Store Photo: The Gone collar can be worn high around the neck and has a plastic buckle that will break should it get caught. It is also long enough to wear around the base of the neck but […]
Bug Buster Kills Hoof Bugs - Bug Buster Hoof Disinfectant is an antimicrobial preparation for the treatment of all infections of the non-living hoof capsules (wall, sole, frog, central and lateral sulci) of equines. Hoof capsule infections are often described as ‘Thrush’, ‘Whiteline disease’, or ‘Seedy Toe’ but are usually caused by a combination of common groups of anaerobic bacteria that […]

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