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Website Review: is a new website that explains the concept of Slow Feeding, an integral part of preventing and treating laminitis and founder.

Its also healthy for your budget as well as your horse, saving hay while satisfying your horse’s need to ‘graze’ 22 hours a day.

This site also lists where to buy various types of slow feeders, plus info on laminitis and founder, natural hoof care and bitless bridles.
I also love the video of the ponies munching on their slowfeed haynets. Its well worth a look.

Book Review: My Natural Horses by Ann-Louise MacDonald

When I discovered this book I had to order it right away – and when it arrived I was thrilled at the quality of the photos and the message this book conveys. Although it is aimed at younger readers, all the adults I’ve shown it to love it.
Ann-Louise with her background as a barefoot trimmer as well as being a renown author, explains all the aspects of natural horse care. Her two beautiful horses, half friesian Isabelle and Cheval Canadien Prince share a very small acreage with Tummy the goat. But looking at the photos and layout of the property with its track, forest, small pasture and arena, you would think the place was huge.

When you see the photos of the horses hooves, it proves that the right combination of diet and movement, even in a small space, produces perfect looking healthy hooves.

My Natural Horses is a unique introduction to creating exceptionally healthy, happy horses. This full-color photo-illustrated book is the first to show young readers the principles of Natural Horse Care, taking an entirely positive approach by following two horses through all four seasons of the year.

Designed for ages seven and up, this book includes 150 exceptional photographs to delight everyone from the child who dreams of ponies to the active equine owner. Larger text allows younger readers to get a basic understanding of Natural Horse Care, while smaller text gives more details to entertain and inform an older audience. My Natural Horses is a joy just to look through, and an eye opener to an option in horse care that many horse people know little about.

You can look inside the book here or watch this preview here

YouTube player

Visit Anne-Louise MacDonald’s beautiful website with great pages on Natural Horse care and lifestyle. There’s also a good video of heel first landing and her track.



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