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A Bob Marshall Treeless Western Saddle

Finding the right saddle for you and your horse can be a long and expensive exercise, so it pays to have some knowledge of all the options before heading to your nearest saddlery store.
The range most stores can carry is not always representative of the huge variety now available through independent and online manufacturers and retailers who can specialise and custom-make saddles.

If you are not sure where to start, or already have a saddle but need to find out if it fits properly,  then it’s important to find a good independent saddle fitter to guide you. Those that have completed the ‘Saddle Fit for Life’ training are recommended.

There seems to be plenty of advice about traditional saddle styles made with a tree, so the articles below focus on the alternative options – Treeless, Flexible tree saddles and bareback pads.

Saddles Articles

Flexible Tree Saddles - by Cynthia Cooper Flexible saddle trees are becoming increasingly popular, reflecting the growing awareness and concern of today’s riders for their horses’ well-being. Why a flexible tree ? As with many consumer products in general, technology has evolved products throughout the years. We watch flat screen color tv’s and no longer 10″ black and white […]
Treeless Saddles – What to look for - by Cynthia Cooper I rode in my first treeless saddle way back in 2003 at a hoof trimming clinic – it was a beautiful black leather Tuend Saddle – the original Italian Treeless pre-dating and quite similar to Barefoot and Torsion Treeless Saddles. From that day on, I was determined to look further into this […]
Bareback Pads -   If you are having trouble finding a saddle to fit your horse or need to use something while you are waiting for your saddle to arrive, or want something to start your young horse in while his back is changing shape, consider a Bareback Pad. Most Bareback pads are ideal for any shaped horse […]
Saddle Fit Suggestions - by Cynthia Cooper Over the past few years, awareness about saddle fit has increased dramatically as we look to get better performance from our horses, especially in the field of endurance. In any sport where long hours with a saddle and rider on board, a horse’s back, movement, expression and willingness will tell you the […]

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