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Scientific Consciousness Interface Operations System (SCIO)

The 21st Century has brought with it an environment that is highly polluted and a western lifestyle that is highly complicated. Our bodies are becoming less able to deal with the stress of living under such pressures, and often reacts with vague conditions such as poor immune systems, depression, emotional imbalances, insomnia, behavioural issues, aches/pains, increasing food intolerances and much more.

The SCIO biofeedback device called the Scientific Consciousness Interface Operations System (SCIO) is an extremely sophisticated and intelligent way of combining many energetic disciplines into one session with the greatest of ease, grace, fun, love and kindness.

The system is extremely comphrensive and is able to work on many aspects at the one time. It can analyse and measure thousands of points in the body in minutes. The impact of a SCIO session is the speed and accuracy of detecting the stress and balancing the body through stress reduction. This offers an understanding of your body’s possible needs, dysfunctions and vulnerabilities.

The information includes stress biofeedback on your physical, emotional, psychological, social, spiritual and environmental aspects. This in turn offers a more complete view of each facet of your health and lifestyle choices.

The SCIO indicates what remedies (homeotherapeutics) would benefit the being for reduction of stress and sends a similar frequency/vibration back to that being. This in turn reduces the stress blockages and enables the body’s natural healing process to work more effectively.

The client just needs to sit/lie down and just enjoy the session. Once the session is complete the homeotherapeutics are harnessed into pilis or drops. They are then given to the client to take home in order to continue their healing process.

The session lasts for 90-120 minutes and is tailor made to the individual It draws on many modalities energetically such as nutrition, chakra balancing, aura cleansing, organ/vertebral corrections, hormone balances, viral/bacterial/worm/fungal imbalances, emotions, DNA therapy, flower essences, hormone balancing, acupunture and so much more.

The SCIO biofeedback session is gentle yet extremely powerful and everybody can benefit from a SCIO session. In particular, non verbal clients such as babies, children and animals. These beings have been known to go into deep relaxation or sleep during the sessions. They also start to really look forward to future sessions because it is non invasive, gentle and they start to feel good.

Long distance sessions are very popular and just as effective as personal sessions. This is a great advantage for clients who may be immobile due to trauma, illness, have no transport or who do not live near by.

The SCIO is a stress relief device that works on an energetic level. Therefore, any lifestyle stresses that may have lead to low energy levels, allergies, energetic correction of vertebral/organ imbalances, headaches, backpain, viral/bacterial/fungal infections, behaviour issues, fleas/lice/ticks/worms, nutrition, trauma, toxicity, arthritis, digestion, cystitis, vaccine reactions, hormonal imbalances, moving to a new home, losing a companion, transitioning, pre/post surgery, grief, abuse, amputations may be supported by a SCIO session.

Abby has combined her international background in gene therapy, human/animal chiropractic, kinesiology and homeopathy with the technology of the SCIO. She strongly believes that we are constantly evolving emotionally, biochemically, genetically, physically, mentally, spiritually on all levels and dimensions. Therefore many modalities need to be available to us to continue our healing evolution.

It is essential that if one modality is not moving us forward at this present point in time, that we are given the opportunity to choose another healing modality. It is important to acknowledge that we are ALL ultimately working together. Having the AWARENESS of what could be a possible blockage to our healing is a major part of our healing progression.

Healing especially with babies, children and animals needs to be very simple to receive and to follow up. It also needs to be cost effective, stress free, practical, gentle, non invasive, kind and loving. That way, the guardian and/or client becomes more positive and looks forward to having more sessions.

Please note that this service is not diagnostic and NOT a replacement for veterinary or medical treatment but a natural support to the overall healing process.

Abby encourages all guardians to seek diagnoses from veterinary or medical practitioners when needed and to pass this information onto her during consultation. She would also appreciate and encourage the guardians own understanding and insights of their pets and/or children’s health issues.

If you would like to try a gentle, effective, simple and cost effective SCIO session then please contact:
Dr Abby Robinson on 02 62965285.
(Member of the Holistic Animal Therapies Organisation)

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