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Smart Rider Breakaway Stirrups

Getting your foot entangled and caught up in the stirrup whilst horse riding and being dragged is EVERY riders worst nightmare!!!

SmartRider Escape stirrups come in a great range of colours and 3 sizes.
SmartRider Escape stirrups come in a great range of colours and 3 sizes.

Countless deaths, serious debilitating and permanent injuries are unfortunately attributed worldwide to horse riding related dragging accidents!!!

Queensland company, SmartRider Pty Ltd invents designs, develops and manufactures breakaway stirrups.
In fact, on the ABC television programme, the New Inventors, they were chosen as the episode winners (view here).

For the typical English, Western style or trail/endurance riding there is the 100% Australian, manufactured SmartRider ‘Escape’ Breakaway range.
The Escape stirrups come in a great range of colours and can be ordered with a range of leather coverings to match your saddle or just for looking fancy! (see bottom photo).

SmartRiderEscapeAs with all products I review, I personally tried the stirrups and found them to be very comfortable to use on both my dressage and my treeless saddle.
I think all treeless saddles should be fitted with quality safety stirrups such as these because most don’t have a slide off stirrup bar.

Not that the stirrup bar always releases if the stirrup leather is pulled in a fall either. So really, all saddles should be fitted with safety stirrups for the best insurance possible.

The SmartRider Escape stirrups in action.
The SmartRider Escape stirrups in action.

Fortunately, I didn’t have to fall off to see the release part in action!
I did it while stepping down and going backwards so my toe pushed on the inner bar to cause it to release from the upper bar.
This would be useful if you’re mounting a horse that jumps away suddenly, leaving you standing with one leg caught up!

For a more western look the Escape stirrups can be covered with tooled leather.

They came with easy to follow instructions so were easy to set up on both narrow or wide stirrup leathers or fenders. They were easy to put back together when I ‘released’ them – the inner partbreaks away from the outer and simply clicks back into place.

The slot at the top is for regular narrow stirrup leathers like those used on english style saddles, while the western and stock style fenders fit around the complete upper tapered bar.

I also like the way the stirrup can rotate within itself to hang down allowing easier mounting especially if you have a tall horse. To view the stirrups in action check out this video.

Whilst SmartRider Breakaway Stirrups won’t stop you from falling, they will allow you to enjoy the freedom of riding secure with the knowledge that if you do part company with your horse, you’ll do just that!!!

SmartRider Breakaway Stirrups give peace of mind to all riders and their loved ones – the perfect ‘life saving’ gift.

Smart Rider Escape Safety Stirrups are available from the Natural Horse World Store

6 thoughts on “Smart Rider Breakaway Stirrups

  1. Katelyn says:

    My weight is on the cusp between the high end of ‘light’ and the low end of ‘medium’. Which size should I choose? I’m worried if I go with too light a weight, the stirrup might disengage if I’m posting or putting weight in the stirrup. Thank you for your help!!

    • Cynthia says:

      Hi Sherlene,
      No, the stirrups don’t turn unless the stirrup leathers or fenders are pre-turned. But they are very comfortable with their wide support base for the foot and I’ve not experienced knee pain while using them on long rides.
      I hope that helps.

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