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The Sound Hoof – Horse Health from the Ground Up by Lisa Simons Lancaster

This is the ideal introductory book into the world of natural hoof care. It offers a road map for the responsible horse owner and a prescription to finding a new level of enjoyment with your horse through its hooves. Lisa’s 21st century holisitic hoof care philosophy is not only backed up by credible research, it is based on the often over-looked but all-important principle that every horse is different, no two owners are alike, and that what works in one barn may not work in the one next door.

Rather than endorsing any single method for achieving soundness, this book has presented principles to help you assess and choose from a variety of trimming and shoeing methods, and gives you new tools for understanding your horse’s feet and taking charge of hoof care.

While its not a complete ‘How to’ book – it does cover all aspects of ‘Why to’ … understand that hoof care is an essential part of good horsemanship.

With lots of good quality photos and diagrams, it is easy to read and understand, giving you all the knowledge you will need to improve your horse’s health…. from the ground up.

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