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Speedi Beet

speedibeetFinally, a horse firendly feed is now available in Tasmania and most parts of Australia.
Speedi-Beet is made from pure unmolassed sugar beet pulp which is a by-product of the sugar beet industry. Sugar beet is grown in Europe and North America as an alternative to sugar cane which is grown in tropical and sub-tropical regions of the world. It is mainly grown as a source of table sugar for human consumption.
After cleaning, the beet is sliced into cossettes by a machine that resembles a kitchen grater and as much surface area is presented to maximise the sugar extraction process as possible. The sliced sugar beet is mixed with hot water and the sugar is extracted.
After the water has been squeezed out, the pulp is dried and usually molasses is added back where upon the pulp is either used in its shredded form or it is pelleted. Speedi-Beet is manufactured from beet pulp which has not had molasses added to it and is therefore around 95% sugar free. The beet pulp then undergoes a further patented process and is then cooked utilising our process, micronization. This involves heating the dried beet pulp at relatively low temperatures for a short time using infra-red heat and prevents the protein from denaturing allowing for quicker release of nutrients into the horse’s digestive system. The micronizing process also imparts flavour into the beet pulp so the product does not require the use of added molasses i.e. sugar for palatability.

The beet pulp is then flaked to increase surface area to aid rapid water absorption. That’s why Speedi-Beet can be prepared in under 10 minutes instead of the usual 24 hours for traditional sugar beet pulp.
Speedibeet is reccommended as an ideal feed for easy keepers (good doers) and any horse or pony prone to laminitis as it’s NSC content is quite low – between grass/lucerne hay and grains.
It has a high level of calcium so is a good feed for older and young horses, and at 10% protein is ideal to mix with other feeds without overinflating protein levels if you’re trying to put weight on a horse.

Due to its low starch and high fibre content, Speedi-Beet is an ideal feed for horses and ponies prone to insulin resistance and can help in its prevention. The Laminitis Trust has awarded the prestigious official feed seal of approval to Speedi-Beet.

For more information please visit the website where there is an excellent help & advice section with answers to most frequently asked questions.

If you are looking for suppliers of Speedibeet in Tasmania go to our Service Directory Page.

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