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Not sure about E-Books?

E Books are essentially books available online or on a CD in PDF format ready to print. They bring the cost of the book down considerably as you’re not paying for expensive printing, binding and distribution.
They allow you to read your book on the computer, on a book reading device such as a ‘Kindle’ (see or to print it out and have it spiral bound.
I’ve found the easiest and cheapest solution to printing it (much easier to read and refer back to) is to print double sided (saves paper) and then laminate the front and back covers and spiral bind it at the local post office, print shop or library.
This usually costs about $10 all up in paper, ink and binding and still results in a very presentable readable A4 book.

Some E-Books are also available through the Print On Demand (POD) process and this gives you a professional looking book at a similar price to regular printed books. The only difference is each book is digitally printed as it’s ordered which has to be better for the planet in terms of less waste from large print runs that may not all sell.

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