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Horse Behaviour Linked to Poor Nutrition

By Cynthia Cooper. Natural nutrition must be our first priority for keeping a horse healthy, both physically and mentally. Many health issues can be attributed to poor nutrition and that includes behavioural problems. Back in the days when I was instructing full time, I used to think ‘training’ could solve almost all issues. Then I realised […]

How to help your herd bound horse

by Cynthia Cooper Often referred to as being ‘barn sour’ or rushing home, the herd bound horse just wants to stay near the barn or get home and back to their mates as fast as possible. It can turn in to a frustrating or dangerous situation, especially if you’re out on the trail and lose […]

Got a problem? You can solve it by being a good detective!

by Cynthia Cooper How many times has your horse behaved badly? How often have you thought he/she has an issue you must solve with either better discipline or a different training technique? I am often contacted about problems people have with their horse and I’m happy to help them get to the bottom of the […]

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