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Insight To Equus by Tomas Teskey

A Holistic Veterinary perspective on health and healing. The equine world would be a better place if this 250-page color-filled hardbound book was on every horse owner’s bookshelf. Insight to Equus is just that – looking in detail at what a horse really is: part of a herd, constantly grazing on low-value grasses, herbs, and […]

You Can Train Your Horse To Do Anything – On Target Training: Clicker training and beyond by Shawna and Vinton Karrasch.

Everyone involved with horses wants them to consistently behave well, and perform to the best of their ability. But as is all too well known, many horses do not cooperate, and this is because they are not motivated to do so. Shawna and Vinton Karrasch are co-founders of the On Target Training program – a […]

The Sound Hoof – Horse Health from the Ground Up by Lisa Simons Lancaster

This is the ideal introductory book into the world of natural hoof care. It offers a road map for the responsible horse owner and a prescription to finding a new level of enjoyment with your horse through its hooves. Lisa’s 21st century holisitic hoof care philosophy is not only backed up by credible research, it […]

Horses Never Lie – The Heart of Passive Leadership by Mark Rashid

Building on the concept of his previous books – Considering the Horse and A Good Horse is Never a Bad Colour, Rashid clearly defines the difference between alpha and passive leaders. He explains how to become a passive leader (leading by example rather than force) and illustrates with compelling stories how horses change from being […]

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