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Feet First: Barefoot Performance and Hoof Rehabilitation

by Nic Barker and Sarah Braithwaite This is a well written and easy to understand book that is perfect for all those learning about barefoot hoof care, especially in relation to performance. Written by the founders of the UK Natural Hoof Care Practitioners who compete in eventing, hunting, endurance, and show jumping, it is based […]

Empowered Horses

by Imke Spilker Horsemanship is a continuing journey of learning and evolving. This book is one of those influentual steps in the journey, taking horsemanship to another level by truly considering the horse first. “Having a dialogue with horses necessitates aquiring a brand new view of things. It means perceiving horses differently. It means being […]

Conversations with Cadbury

by Dolores Artse If you’ve ever had difficulties training your horse or just getting along with a particular horse, this book will resonate with you. By following the real-life story of accomplished horse and dog trainer Dolores Atrse, we learn to overcome these hurdles and step into the realm of true relationship. This book will […]

Hoof Prints more stories from Proud Spirit

by Melanie Sue Bowles If you want some holiday reading that warms your heart and emotions then this is the book. Melanie Sue Bowles along with her husband, Jim, is the founder of Proud Spirit Horse Sanctuary, now located in Mena, Arkasas. It is one of the longest exisiting, privately run sanctuaries for horses in […]

Natural Horse Care the Right Way

by Dr. A Nyland Ann Nyland could have titled this book ‘Myth Busting Natural Horse Care’ because that’s exactly what it does. If you’ve been using natural or alternative supplements, then you really must read this book. It reveals the truth about many natural products such as apple cider vinegar, garlic, sulphur, herbal wormers, copper, […]

Horse Care and parasite worm control – Harrowing pasture


Harrowing is often suggested as a preventative measure for worm control but in fact, it can actually increase worms if done in the wrong way. Horses with plenty of room on which to graze will divide their grazing into two distinct areas, 1) roughs and 2) lawns. They do nearly all their droppings in the […]

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