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Managing Horses on Small Properties

by Jane Myers Although first published in 2005, this comprehensive horse and land management book is an excellent reference for setting up and maintaining small to medium sized horse properties. It covers the basics of horse care for Australian and New Zealand horse owners with a good guide to property selection, design and management with […]

The Art of Horsemanship: Xenephon and other classical writers

by Dr. Ann Nyland This is a new english translation by Dr. Nyland who is a classical greek scholar at the University of New England, Australia. Xenephon was an ancient Greek soldier who lived from around 430-354 BC. His ‘Art of Horsemanship’ is his work on selecting and educating horses when there were no iron […]

Spirit of the Horse – The New Myths of Equus by Carole Devereux

Carol M. Upton Animals have the capacity and the power to expand their minds into extraordinary states of consciousness. My horses have often shown their otherworldly journeys into The Dreamtime to me. Buddy once told me that he can “feel” the hoof beats of his species running all over the Earth. ~ Carole Devereux This […]

Down-to-Earth Natural Horse Care

by Lisa Ross-Williams At last – an extensive resource for natural horse keeping! This recently published book is an all-inclusive guide with easy to implement ‘natural’ suggestions for a healthy body and mind.. Although this book is written from the experiences of an Americal horse owner, the information is entirely relevent to horses anywhere in […]

All Horse Systems Go – Nancy S. Loving

In this full-colour comprehensive volume, Dr Nancy S. Loving, noted equine veterinarian and dressage, event and distance rider, addresses the challenges of keeping the working horse ‘working’. Dr Loving provides a thorough understanding of the intricacies of the equine body as well as a ready reference for solving common problems and handling emergencies. Never again […]

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