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Teeth Check Time

One of the few things horses and humans have in common is the need for annual check up with the dentist. In days gone by the farrier also practiced horse dentistry so it was easy to slot in a quick check of the teeth when he visited on a regular basis. But now horse dentistry …

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Heel wound healed with honey

When my quarter horse mare injured her heel (probably from a wire cut) it wasn’t possible to stitch this constantly moving and flexing part, so here’s the treatment process I followed to completely heal this wound. Honey treatment started 2 days after the initial treatment with hydrogen peroxide to flush it clean twice daily as …

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Stringhalt in horses

In Australia, stringhalt in horses is commonly seen in summer and autumn as drought-stressed pastures are overtaken with weeds such as false Dandelion (also known as Catsear or Flatweed) and Capeweed. Toxins from these weeds affect the nervous system resulting in an exaggerated high stepping action in one or both hind legs. In mild cases, …

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