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Hoof Abscess – when being ‘kind’ is cruel

While reading the book ‘Perfect Partners’ by Kelly Marks (an excellent book by the way) I was struck by a very true statement she made…. “Well meaning is not the same as well being for the horse”. One of the ways we tend to show good care for our horse is to provide plenty of […]


Seedy toe seems to be one of the most common afflictions to a horse’s hooves and can best be described as a fungal infection which enters through the white line where it has been weakened either by excess hoof growth, horse shoe nails or sub-clinical laminitis. It gets its name from most commonly being found […]

Easy Hoof Bath to Make in Minutes

With the current drought a hoof bath for daily soaking will not only keep your horse’s hooves healthy and supple, but easier to trim too. Here is an inexpensive version that takes minutes to put together once you have the following materials on hand; 4 poles or ‘sleepers’ – 2 long ones approx. 2m and […]

Donkey Hooves — A Hoof Trimmer’s Perspective © Glenn Wilson May 2010

“The best way to forget all your troubles is to wear tight shoes”. The donkey and horse version of the above is, “If my feet hurt then I feel like crap”. The reality is that too many donkeys and horses suffer bad hooves – and they needn’t – so their behaviour is affected. It is […]

Carla’s Rescue by TAFE Hoof Care Course – Oct. 2007

Fortunately for Carla, the 12 year old shetland pony mare, her condition was discovered just prior to the TAFE Hoof Care Course. Her sad situation provided the ideal opportunity for the students to observe how to assess, trim and treat a pony whith hooves in such bad shape. Carla’s hooves were first x-rayed by vet […]

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