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Carol Layton Balanced Equine Minerals

The Art and Science of Feeding Horses with Carol Layton

Feeding horses is both an art and science so Carol Layton of Balanced Equine explains how common mineral deficiencies can be solved with Balanced Equine Minerals available in our store here. In this video presentation, Carol looks at two common horse nutrition problems: Faded or sunbleached coats, and dry cracked hooves.

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What is Natural Horsemanship? The term ‘Natural Horsemanship’ has almost become over-used these days because ‘going natural’ is the thing to do! While there are some true practitioners around keeping it as close to natural as they can for the horse, there are just as many professing to practice natural horsemanship but not coming close …

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Summer Horse Keeping Tips

Before you go away on holidays (and hopefully arrange for someone to look after your horses), here are some things to consider for your horse’s comfort and well being during the hotter months. Access to shade and fresh water at all times: These are basic necessesities no horse should be deprived of but sadly many …

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Horse Rug Heating Facts

by Dave MacDonald When you put your hand under a rug on a horse standing still it should NEVER feel toasty warm. This is a misconception. It should feel more on the coolish side. The temperature you are used to feeling under the blanket is too hot for a healthy horse. Why? Because a horse’s …

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