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Cynthia on Rosie at liberty

10 Things My Horses Give Me

When people ask how many horses I have and I answer ‘fourteen’, they often look at me with surprise or say ‘wow – that’s a lot of horses to look after’. Yes, it’s a fair bit of work, especially as two of them are 30+ ‘oldies’ who need ‘intensive’ feeding year round and rugging in the …

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Nirvana – a Rocky Mountain horse showing his reportiore – looks like a nice combination of Parelli and Nevzarov. His owner Laurie Neron lives in Quebec, Canada and is a photographer who says she has been inspired by Parelli, Nevzarov, Monty Roberts and others.


Bareback Bridleless and free! The young lady in this video comments: This is in an open field with no neck rope. The horse is an Appendix QH, so he’s got some speed. We’re just starting work on lead changes, you can see he’s often late to switch behind. This is our first time galloping bareback/ …

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