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Using a Neck Rope or Cordeo

Are you aspiring to ride bridle-less, or progress to liberty, or just need some extra support when riding? A neck rope or cordeo is the ideal tool to help you develop finesse and refined control. Neck Ropes and cordeos are very similar pieces of equipment with variations in material and the way they’re used. Traditionally, […]

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Liberty jumping with Piper Piper Jumping the Bounces of Death His owner, Helen in Tasmania, teaches Piper using Clicker Training and says Piper is an amazing horse soccer player too! If you’re inspired  and want to teach your horse some fun things at liberty (or anything for that matter) have a look at this Australian Clicker

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Learn the Waterhole Rituals™ Carolyn Resnick’s Insider Circle and Extended Circle Online Courses – classes start again soon on August 28th. How Convenient! You don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own field! This is a training method at liberty as well as a self- realization course to get in touch with your

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