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Exciting New Grooming Gloves

These fantastic new grooming gloves are the best thing I’ve discovered recently, for both my horses, dogs and cats! HandsOn Gloves are by far the best bathing AND grooming product to ever hit the market. With a glove on each hand, you can groom in a flowing, tireless rhythm, while naturally bonding with your animal. The scrubbing […]

Does your horse love you?

Do your horses come when they are called? Do they show you where they’d like to be itched? Do they follow you wanting more? If you can’t answer yes to these questions then perhaps you need a relationship reviver! Here’s how you can get a yes to all of the above: 1. Give your horse […]

Finding that Friendship Spot

Last month I talked about being friends first with your horse and how ‘peer attachment’ is an important concept and part of the Friendship Training Program. “Mutual grooming is one of the most important acts for cementing the relationship between two horses …. It is an indicator of the strongest bond within an equine family […]

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