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Safer Rope Halters and Bitless Bridles

LightRider Break-Away Latigo In Use

Did you know you can have safer rope halters and bitless bridles with a simple breakaway point?  Have you ever thought about what would happen if your horse caught their rope bridle or halter on something solid – like a gate latch, or a hitching rail, or tree branch? Rope bridles and halters without a […]

New Supersoft Knotless Rope Halter

For those who like all the qualities of superior rope but don’t want knots to apply pressure, this beautiful knotless rope halter is light, neat and gentle. It’s comfortable and safe enough to leave on when a halter is needed to support a nose protector for example.* Made from 8mm Equestrian Braided Tuff Tack rope […]

How to Clean Rope Halters and Bitless Bridles

Ckean a rope halter or bitless bridle

The best way to clean your rope bitless bridles or rope halters is actually in the washing machine! You can also use this method to clean most other types of synthetic tack such as biothane or nylon halters, girths, reins and breastplates. All you need are some pillowcases with string ties or mesh bags that you […]

New Products

Bale Buddy Easy, economical solution to transporting individual hay bales. No more messy car boot, ute or horse float, keeps your hay dry too. Large enough to fit the slightly oversized lucerne or straw bale. Has sturdy handles for easy lifting/carrying and a flap cover for weather resistant transport. Also use it to keep your rugs and […]

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