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Flexible Tree Saddles

by Cynthia Cooper Flexible saddle trees are becoming increasingly popular, reflecting the growing awareness and concern of today’s riders for their horses’ well-being. Why a flexible tree ? As with many consumer products in general, technology has evolved products throughout the years. We watch flat screen color tv’s and no longer 10″ black and white […]

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Bareback Pads

  If you are having trouble finding a saddle to fit your horse or need to use something while you are waiting for your saddle to arrive, or want something to start your young horse in while his back is changing shape, consider a Bareback Pad. Most Bareback pads are ideal for any shaped horse

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Saddle Fit Suggestions

by Cynthia Cooper Over the past few years, awareness about saddle fit has increased dramatically as we look to get better performance from our horses, especially in the field of endurance. In any sport where long hours with a saddle and rider on board, a horse’s back, movement, expression and willingness will tell you the

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