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How to use slow feed hay nets for horses

By Cynthia Cooper Have you ever wondered if there’s a better way to use slow feed hay nets? There are so many options, choices and methods to consider that will keep your nets from being torn, lost, rolled under a fence, drowned in the mud or buried in sand! Different ways of using slow feed hay […]

Easy pallet sled for moving round bales

How do you move round bales of hay when don’t own a tractor? Easy… make a pallet sled! First I selected a sturdy pine pallet and then found some lengths of 100mm (4″) poly pipe I had lying around. If you don’t have that size pipe you could try using some of a smaller diameter but the […]

Slow Feed Haysaver Haynets

Slow feeding is fast becoming the best practice for the horse industry as people discover the benefits for their horses and their wallet. The availability of long lasting nylon and poly netting used in the marine industry has enabled enterprising manufacturers to provide a much needed product. These tough nets are made to last from […]

Round Bale Net use and cover to make

I can see why some people prefer to use round bales as they are cheaper than the equivalent in small squares, and it means less hay handling on a daily basis. The downside to large rounds is the wastage as horses can really make a mess of a bale that is not contained. Even in […]

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