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Cynthia Cooper, writer and owner of Natural Horse World with Ruby.
Cynthia Cooper, writer and owner of Natural Horse World with Ruby.

I’m very proud of being able to help people and their equines by sharing my knowledge, experience and the products I’ve designed.

It’s heartening to receive such wonderful feedback from people all over the world who have found a better way to care for their equine friends.

Here’s what some of them have to say:

About my products: 

“I love the concept of what your bitless bridle has to offer – it seems to fit what I have been looking for. Thank you for the effort you have put in to making something that truly fits the need and making it available to us around the world. Your are truly an equine sister that I am proud to have become acquainted with. Thank you!” Linda

“I just have to let everyone know that not only am I great fan of Cynthia Cooper’s Natural Horse World and Light Rider Bitless Bridles, She also has the greatest customer service!!!!” Debbie Pollard

“I bought the LightRider bridle and bareback pad, absolutely amazing, thank you for making horses lives so much better.” Connie.

“You are awesome 🙂 Your customer service is outstanding. I got home from work and it was here!” Jen Boddy

“I just want to thank you for sending me my large Slow Feeder haynet so quickly. It has proven to be a real life saver for me as it keeps my fat ponies happy and occupied out in the paddock eating their plain grass hay. Since I started using them I’ve saved money and my horses have been a lot healthier as well.” Paula Jenkins

To read more testimonials about the LightRider Bitless Bridles, Slowfeed Haysaver Nets and Best Bareback Pads, plus all of the other products in my store, please go to and click on a product then the ‘Reviews’ tab.

About my website;

“I just love getting your newsletters, they are helping lead me along my learning journey, a journey that is not only mine, but which I know will be valuable for my horse but indeed my health. I would also like to acknowledge you for your continued commitment to our four legged friends. I have no doubt from the time you spend researching and then sharing what you find, that this is an important journey for you too. Your sharing it with us is a gift, again thank you, from across the continents in Ireland.” Paula Flanagan

“I just wanted to take a second and say thank you for helping me out, your page will be a great addition to the material I plan to reference. I am very grateful for all the information and resources you took the time to post.” Susan Brown.

“There are so many equine websites out there but the only three I follow are yours, Nic’s and Avril’s because each, in their own way, is the very best example, in my opinion.  You all share your knowledge and acquired wisdom so generously and that inspires great loyalty, it seems, in your internet followers.”  Dawn in the UK.

“Thank you for your fantastic website and your regular emails. I look forward to reading them and they are always very inspirational. They also provide lots of information which is so helpful. So just a quick email to thank you, you’re website has really helped me in going barefoot and bitless and the natural way is truly amazing! Best Wishes, Hayley Crompton”

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