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The following articles are our thoughts that reflect the changing nature of our awareness for the welfare of horses.

Enslaved by Glenn Wilson © - WARNING! Some people reading this article may think I’m taking an unfair swipe at various aspects of the horse world and those people who are involved with horses in one way or another. My only intention in writing this piece was to have a good, hard look at “what is” and compare that with the …

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Spare a thought for the average racehorse - by Cynthia Cooper Recently we had Melbourne Cup Day where the whole of Australia comes to a standstill at about 3pm to listen to, watch and cheer on the elite of the horseracing world. A huge amount of money will be won or lost, and the government will be happy about the revenue racing returns. …

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The Plight of Ponies By Vanessa - At an agricultural field day, I came across a small metal pen housing cute young miniature ponies. Three of them were in a tiny pen and as I got closer I saw they were all for sale. They were grumpy and bored and occasionally one would be aggressive to the other. When they were taken …

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Poor thing with rugs Changing Tack Will Reduce Cruelty to Horses - How many people have you seen take out their anger and frustration on their horse/dog/partner? We’ve probably all been guilty of it at some time or other, I know I have in the past but like to think I have learned more patience and self control through the study of natural horsemanship which enables me …

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