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Traveling Your Horse

Establishing confidence in loading at an early age sets a horse up for life.
Establishing confidence in loading at an early age sets a horse up for life.

Traveling your horse is something you will probably need to do at some stage, so knowing how to teach them to load easily, and then safe traveling practices are important for their well-being and confidence.

This article by Mel Fleming on Trailer Loading, Travelling, and Introversion in the Trailer is an excellent start to understanding how the handler and horse’s mindset will affect the way they load and travel. It also covers:

  • Design of Floats
  • Inconsiderate Driving
  • Tying horses in floats
  • Other safety aspects

The following articles will help you teach loading, then how to travel safely. But first, make sure you also read the page on Trailers and Floats to ensure yours is safe and set up for success. 

You can also find an extensive selection of articles on trailers and loading including free Towing Guides from Double D Horse Trailers.

Travelling by boat to Flinders Island - by Cynthia Cooper Have you ever thought how would your horse cope if it had to be transported by boat….in a ‘bull crate’? A bull crate is something like a single horse box but with big metal bars overhead that are quite low – the average horse would need to keep its head low to […]
Lili convinces Zarb that floating is fun. - Lili convinces Zarb that floating is fun. Hi my name is Lili Foster and this is a story about floating Zarb ,my gray Arab, who was a problem float loader. I’ve had Zarb for 19 months. When I got him he would walk right on the float with no problem, but then we hired a […]
There’s more to Trailer Training than just Loading. - For many people, just getting their horse on the trailer is a struggle and when you finally do, it feels like the battle has been won. And because we are human and direct line thinkers, all we want to do is get that horse on and go somewhere which is probably the last thing the […]

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