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Another use for a hose reel.

Found one of these at the tip shop yesterday – a great use for keeping your excess electric tape off the ground and fits with my re-use/recycle philosophy.

We also highlight events and information that fits with our ‘horse endorsed’ values, and do not post negative stuff unless it’s very relevant and a worthy cause.

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Bucket nose bags are the way to go when feeding a herd.

Have found when feeding in a herd situation, that using buckets as nosebags works so well I wonder why I didn’t do it years ago.
No more tipped over buckets, fighting over food or anxiety about getting the feed quick enough.
Its also a great way for young horses learn about things going over their ears in preparation for a bridle – bitless of course!

Mark this in your Equitana Diary

Leah Sharp and Breo practice mounted archery.

‘Anyone can go Bitless’ Education Sessions with Cynthia Cooper at Equitana are on Thursday (15th Nov.) @ 4pm in the Epsom Arena and Friday (16th) @ 9.45am in the Hygain Arena.
This year I’m looking forward to being assisted by Kim Barker of Heartwood and her ponies (with young riders) along with Leah Sharp and her Andalusian, Breo who does Medieval re-enactments. It will be an entertaining and informative time showcasing bitless riding. Hope to see you there – our stand is no. 205 in the Grand Hall.

Heartwood Riding School ponies are all bitless.

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